Rebecca Wood

Without Beta Chi, IB students revert to studying at lunch instead of socializing with their beloved club members.

Amulya Dhulipala, Business Manager

Beta Chi, the social group for students of the International Baccalaureate program, shut down last year due to inappropriate conduct, giving many students an incentive to form new clubs or join others.

Several propositions for new social clubs include a club under the name of “Not Beta Chi” and other unsuccessful attempts at recreating the social group.

Mrs. Kiersten Bordner, one of the former sponsors of Beta Chi, stated, “Beta Chi will not be reestablished this school year. Mrs. Meahl and I were very disappointed by student behavior last year and feel that consequences must be enforced. Beta Chi needs to regroup and reestablish its identity. Also, there are so many demands and changes placed on teachers this year that Mrs. Meahl and I do not have the time to sponsor such a large club.”

An anonymous sophomore and former Beta Chi officer, when asked how she felt about not having Beta Chi anymore, said, “It was kind of a sad loss because [former Beta Chi members] aren’t able to communicate with both familiar and new IB peers as much as before.”

With constant demands and studying pressures, IB students are rarely given the opportunity to socialize without Beta Chi. The club hosted a picnic, sports event, movie night, banquet, and various other social events.

The absence of Beta Chi has stunned several people, including an anonymous IB junior and a former member of Beta Chi, who claimed, “Beta Chi was the only excuse I had to hang out with my friends, but now all my parents make me do is study.”

For many people, Beta Chi was an incentive to stay in the IB program and a venue for the highlights of many students’ years. The IB students will have to manage their time to make room for socializing in their already busy schedules.

It is said that IB kids can only have two of the following: sleep, social life, or good grades. To manage social life with a busy schedule, many students entertain themselves using social media.

“Seniors have a lot of fun on our Facebook page. We take pictures of students sleeping in class or wearing matching clothes and post them for entertainment,” said IB senior Jennifer Saporito.

Tahira Tasnim, an IB senior, said that if she were to create a new social group modeled after Beta Chi, “I would organize a movie night, banquet, ice skating and picnic.” She claimed, “It was a good way to socialize with all the IB kids. Now, I just cry myself to sleep.”