Jillian Kindy

Briarpatch is considered to be a perfect brunch spot for friends and family.

Jillian Kindy, Editor

Amid the high-end shops of Downtown Winter Park sits a picturesque brunch spot: the Briarpatch. This bustling restaurant is decorated with the theme of a modern, yet rustic barn. The exposed pipes, old wood floors, and window panes separating the dining areas add to the homey ambiance.

“One of Winter Park’s most iconic restaurants, the Briarpatch, has welcomed locals and visitors alike since 1980. Located on Park Avenue, it serves contemporary American cuisine in a warm and inviting atmosphere,” said Briarpatch’s website homepage.

When first walking through the white door, I was met with a ten minute wait, which then turned into a lengthier  30 minute wait. One thing to consider about this restaurant is the long lines; visitors should expect to stand in a queue, even on a Thursday morning, which is the day I went. However, the high quality and taste of the food is arguably worth it.

Briarpatch serves both breakfast and lunch. The breakfast, or rather brunch, part of their menu contains its most iconic meals. It offers a wide variety of dishes, blending together different tastes into amazing dishes. Vegetarians will be pleased with the delicious pancakes and waffles as their meal, but vegans might have a harder time finding options.

I ordered the soft scrambled eggs, which definitely lived up to their name. Sprinkled on top was parmigiano-reggiano cheese, which made the mouth-watering dish even more spectacular. I had a choice between avocado or heirloom tomatoes on the side; both are good, but the fresh tomatoes gave the eggs a deliciously omelette feel, which I preferred. My sister got the Nutella waffles, which is perfect for any chocolate aficionado. Topping these fluffy waffles is a creamy mascarpone filling and sliced strawberries.

Junior Sarah Wynbrandt, who accompanied me, ordered the raspberry and brie stuffed brioche French toast. This popular dish is fried to a gentle crisp which pairs wonderfully with the savory brie and sweet tartness of the raspberry.

“I really liked Briarpatch. It’s such a cute place and is perfect for a Sunday brunch. The French toast that I got was to die for!” said Wynbrandt.

Another delicious item on their menu is their pecan brioche sticky bun. This huge bun is reminiscent of a pecan pie with the buttery and sticky glaze. Be prepared to get a little messy with this scrumptious baked good.

Briarpatch’s excellent decorations and mouthwatering foods make this Instagram-worthy restaurant one to look out for. It can be found at 3814, 252 N Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789.