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National History Day participants prepare to present their websites about leadership and legacy in history.
Photo by: Amulya Dhulipala, Reporter

By: Amulya Dhulipala, Reporter

On February 21, students from Seminole High School’s first competition history club participated in the annual Seminole County Public Schools History Fair at Markham Woods Middle School. Members of the National History Day (NHD) Club have worked long and hard in order to develop projects on historical events that allow them to gain a deeper appreciation for history.

Co-President with Seraphina Choi and founder of the NHD club, junior Priya Manjaly says, “I like competing in National History Day because it is a competition that allows me to develop and present my own perspective on historical events. In the upcoming competition, I want to see other projects and see how other students developed their perspective on certain historical figures.”

In the county competition, Seminole High School was the only high school to participate in the competition. This guarantees that two entries from the website, paper, and exhibit categories will continue to the state competition in Tallahassee from May 3 through May 5. Students were interviewed by panels of judges on their projects with each interview lasting approximately 15 minutes. All of the students attended the awards ceremony on March 3 at Millenium Middle School.

This year’s theme, Leadership and Legacy allows students to generate topics that cover historical events or figures from every corner of the world. A variety of projects ranging from the United States’ history to the history of space exploration were displayed at the county fair. SHS students displayed their findings through the creation of various projects.

Junior Jonathan Ruiz believes that the NHD club has allowed him to become a more knowledgeable person. He says, “Through NHD club, I have been able to learn much about the world as a whole. In effect, my global perspective [has] broadened and has increased my ability to understand global culture.”

The NHD club was created to give students the opportunity to compete in history competitions and place emphasis on the importance of history.

Junior Shelby Resnick believes the NHD club is crucial in shaping more aware individuals. She says, “I feel like other competitions focus on innovation and improvements from a more futuristic vantage point, whereas NHD relies on retrospective analysis to make improvements and create awareness.”

The NHD club has quickly grown from two members to eighteen members in just three years. This club has provided students with the opportunity to participate in the county and state competition. The NHD club prepared to compete against several other high schools in Seminole County with the hope of attending the state and national level competitions.

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