Chelcea Fowler

In less than one year, the presidential election of 2012 will take place. Normally, it is fairly clear by now who will be running in the primaries, and there may even be some favorites to take the election. This election, however, is a different story.

While it seems that current President Barack Obama will be receiving the democratic nomination, it is still unclear for the republicans. As sophomore Zach Lowie says, “for the Republicans it’s a circus right now. It could be anyone. It’s definitely going to be an interesting election campaign.” Lowie believes “Mitt Romney will end up getting the [Republican] nomination.” Other chief challengers for the 2012 Republican nomination according to ABC news are Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, and Newt Gingrich.

Although the republican nominee is still up in the air, perhaps two of the most controversial people in regards to the election of 2012 are Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Trump has stated that he is not going to be running for president, while Sarah Palin has not officially declared her position either way.

An anonymous student believes it is a good thing that Donald Trump declared that he is not going to run for president. She thinks “he has gone back on his word too many times trying to please the crowd, [and] at this point, we don’t need a crowd pleaser willing to sway back and forth with no real ideas of his own,” and like many people, believe his presidency would have been laughable.

Palin, the other controversial person in regards to the 2012 election, has not actually declared if she will be running to become the Republican candidate for president in 2012. After resigning as governor of Alaska, many doubted that she would run in the presidential election. Senior Erham Somji thinks “Palin resigned as governor to strategize for the upcoming presidential election.” When asked why he believed this, he said, “It seemed a little odd that she just randomly resigned. When politicians do things like that they usually have an ulterior motive.”

No matter who does or does not run in the election, it is sure to be interesting and eventful.