Students are now required to spend their summer break taking some high school classes in order to graduate.
Photo By: Paige Fry, Editor-in-Chief

Disclaimer: the following article was written as a part of The Seminole’s 2015 April Fool’s issue. The content included is false, including interviews. Happy April Fool’s Day!

By: Amulya Dhulipala, Reporter

Although previously students have only been required to complete summer reading, starting this summer classes will be a requirement for the Seminole High School. These summer classes are essential in preventing students’ brain from rewiring into a lethargic state over the course of summer vacation.

The required summer classes must be taken online through websites such as FCAT Explorer, Study Island, and Cool Math Games. Some courses that will be offered to students include Existentialism 101, Feminism for Misogynists, and Homemaking for Women. The current juniors will not be required to complete any prerequisites for the summer classes; however, the prerequisite for current freshmen and sophomores taking these courses is Spanish Honors. Two of these courses must be completed and with a C or higher in order to receive a diploma from Seminole High School.

Sophomore Brock Hudson says, “The Existentialism 101 course looks interesting because I’ve always wanted to know the meaning of life.”

These courses are also believed to make SHS students more desirable in the workforce and prepare them to find success in their higher education. For example, Existentialism 101 is a prerequisite for many courses at colleges across the nation.

Senior Owen Bartridge says, “Learning about feminism has truly changed my life and has greatly supplemented my aspirations to eventually be a good husband and father.”

The available courses have been tailored and created based on the interests of SHS students. Not only do the summer classes help students get ahead, but they also allow students to avoid summer learning loss and retain the knowledge obtained throughout the school year.

Freshman Sydney Clifton says, “I had lots of rigorous classes in my middle school. It would be a shame to lose all the essential information I previously gained. These summer classes also make it a lot easier to remember the fundamental information in all my courses.”

Rising seniors must complete the two summer courses before the start of the 2015-2016 school year in order to meet graduation requirements.

Course listings and more information will be posted here.