The Reality Behind Poetry



Emaan Khan, Contributor

There was a time when I felt that poetry was not something I would enjoy writing or even reading. My belief that it was too complicated, confusing, and overall difficult to understand made me quick to avoid the effort of really looking beyond the words. I was not alone in this belief; many feel that it is too complicated a practice to take the time to crack the surface of the author’s words. Once I took the leap and began to seek true meaning, I became enraptured by the creativity behind it!

Poetry doesn’t always have to be a jumble of metaphorical words that don’t make any sense. It’s thoughts, it’s feelings, it’s yourself laid bare on a sheet of paper for the world to see. When asked how I go about creating poetry, I always tell people the same thing. To be good, a poem does not have to be complex. It doesn’t even have to rhyme. The best thing about poetry is that it comes in many forms. From simple haikus to elaborate sonnets, there are so many different things you can do with poetry. When it comes to poetry, your words don’t have to be vague or lofty in vocabulary. It’s more plain and simple than you think. Take the first thought that comes to mind and just write about it. Just put your thoughts down on paper. 

Poetry doesn’t really even need to be a fully developed topic. As you’re writing, the theme of the poem will often develop on its own. Once you’re sure you’ve reached the end, go back through your block of text and edit it. Format it however you desire, title it, and you’ve got yourself a poem! I know I made writing poetry seem simple, but just because it seems hard, doesn’t mean it truly is. Inspiration won’t come on its own!