Iffat Nawsheen, along with Leadership teacher Alexander Mack, is dedicated to making this school year memorable.

Sania Shaukat, Copy Editor

After her first pep rally during her freshman year of high school, senior Iffat Nawsheen realized she wanted to be the girl with the mic.

Seeing Nicole Blonsick, the then-Student Body President (SBP), leading the school was definitely an inspiration. She had always been told to “make the most” of her high school career so that’s exactly what Nawsheen set out to do.   

“I did the things that I love like soccer and Muslim Student Association all because I wanted to,” said Nawsheen. “I enjoy everything I take part in and always like to have a purpose.”

Nawsheen loves working with people in her community. She recognizes how important connections are, which is why she enjoys utilizing her passion for people to build results.

“It takes one person to really bring everyone together and in turn create something amazing and Iffat possesses this very characteristic. Her role of SBP is well deserved,” said senior Sakinah Dewji.

Not only is Nawsheen the SBP, she has also represented SHS in District Three meetings. Nawsheen is vice president of National Honor Society and has been in her class council every year. “I love SHS because I like to see the good in everything and there is a lot to love about it,” said Nawsheen. “It makes it easier for me to enjoy what I am doing no matter how hard the job.”