Rachel Lanspery

Over quarantine, many students added a new member of their families!

Isabel Gomez, Reporter

We, as humans, have needed to change our lifestyles in order to adapt to the changes COVID has brought. These changes include, but are not limited to mask mandates, quarantine, and vaccination requirements. Each change has impacted mankind as a whole, but what about a man’s best friend? How have our canines adjusted to these difficult times? 

Many individuals I spoke with felt that taking care of their pets, especially dogs, was easier during the quarantine itself since they were always with them. IB Junior Armitha Gagganapally says that “we got our puppy during quarantine and it was really easy for us to take care of him because we stayed home.” 

 Gagganapally also says “Both of my parents have full time jobs, so it was up to my brother and I to look after the puppy. When my brother and I went to school in person, it was tough for [us and] the puppy since he had to stay in the crate more than usual. In order to adjust, my dad stayed home and helped look after the puppy.”

Another junior I spoke to, Health Academy student Jessica Lopez, spoke about her dog Kiwi. COVID sadly forced change on the activities that she could usually enjoy with her dogs to maintain safety. Lopez says “Having a dog during quarantine can be a difficult challenge, especially when your dog is hyper energetic and loves to explore. Due to COVID, many things I enjoyed doing with my dog weren’t safe, so I had to find other ways to entertain her and keep her healthy.” 

 Although, COVID is anything but convenient, it has allowed relationships to strengthen over quarantine especially for dog owners!.  Lopez explains that to adjust to the times she came up with new solutions: “One major thing that helped was regularly going on long walks on trails. This allowed my dog to explore freely while social distancing and being away from others. Also, giving my dog more interactive toys allowed her to have fun at home and engage her brain. COVID has helped me develop a stronger relationship with my dog and helped me to explore different activities she loves to do!”

 Seminole High School Junior student  Alissandra De Jesus agrees that COVID has provided an opportunity to further bond. De Jesus says, “During quarantine in 2020 and 2021, my dog was really happy to have me home from school because he likes to have company. He enjoyed lying in the same room as me, he especially loved being petted by me while I was listening to lectures over the computer while I did Connect. My older brother would often take him for drives to get out of the house, and when he was doing quick trips, like taking him through the Starbucks drive through to get a pup-cup. I don’t think he has realized the difference since COVID since we do not have guests over as often, but when we do he still really enjoys the company.” 

The little things like “pup-cups” are what matter to dogs, it strengthens that bond between a man and his best friend. These times may be harsh, but are also precious. They allow not only your dog to benefit, but you as well;  feelings like affection and love for your dog only grow over time!

To conclude, quarantine was a different experience for everyone. COVID has changed and will continue to change the world for not only humans but the animals we surround ourselves with. So make sure to make time for your pets, whether they are dogs, cats, or even fish. Every living thing adjusts differently in times of change, so always remember to shower your pets with plenty of love!