Ava Flaute, Reporter November 15, 2021

As the holiday season approaches, many art festivals and other holiday festivals are happening in our community. These festivals are an amazing place to go with your family or your friends. It is a great...


Kaliah Richardson, Reporter November 11, 2021

Travis Scott had planned a two-day Astroworld festival that was held in Houston, Texas this past weekend. Unfortunately, the second day of the big event had been canceled due to an unexpected tragedy...

Scoreboard after an amazing homecoming game.

Homecoming Game Victory

Mahalla Hynes, Editor-in-Chief October 23, 2021

Last night at Seminole a heated football game took place, where Seminole conquered Lake Mary at the highly anticipated game. Everyone was so excited for this game, and they filled the stands to watch it...

Halloween is quickly approaching as fall settles in. In Florida, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal, is one of the most anticipated attractions of the season.


Phoebe Sousa, Reporter October 7, 2021

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights celebrates its 30th year of fear! Amidst Covid-19 affecting last year’s event, this year, Universal will follow the Covid-19 guidelines to ensure the well-being...

Pictured here is Downtown Sanford during the flash floods.


Kaliah Richardson, Reporter October 5, 2021

In recent weeks, a massive amount of flooding has occurred in Central Florida, including our beloved city of Sanford.The massive amounts of rain began around Sunday afternoon on September 19. The streets...

In Florida storms are a very common occurrence. It is even more common in the late summer months. In Florida it can rain up to 3 times a day at this time.


Isabel Gomez, Reporter October 4, 2021

All around the world thousands of people suffer the aftermath of hurricanes. Many are ill- prepared for the upcoming storms. Therefore, people must become more educated on how to prepare themselves for...

From parents dropping their kid/kids off to students driving to school, bad traffic can be frustrating and can even delay students’ arrival to school. Early birds seem to avoid all of the school traffic in the morning, so it is suggested that parents and/or students leave for school earlier than anticipated!


Ava Flaute, Reporter October 4, 2021

Since the first day of school, we have seen a major increase in traffic and parking problems all throughout the entrances of the school and each school parking lot. This problem has made many students...

Our goal is not to win every game. Our goal is to win the state championship

“Our goal is not to win every game. Our goal is to win the state championship”

Mahalla Hynes, Editor-in-Chief October 2, 2021

Seminole fought hard and never gave up, but unfortunately, you can’t win forever. Last night the Fighting Noles met their match with Chaminade-Madonna. However head coach Eric Lodge did not seem upset...

At Seminole High School there are so many sports and activities that are available to our students. If you like to run, swim, dive, or even golf there is a club for you.


Ava Flaute, Reporter September 7, 2021

As the school year  kicks off, we are beginning to be introduced to many new clubs and sports. Being part of  extracurricular activities is a great  way to get involved in your school. Not only that,...

Photo Credit: US EPA

Dangerous UV Rays In Florida

Ava Flaute, Designer April 23, 2021

As we approach our spring and summer months, UV exposure is starting to increase. On a day-to-day basis, if you step outside in the mid-afternoon you will be overwhelmed with the Florida heat. On most...

Though astrology is generally acknowledged as a pseudoscience, it has become the talk of the town. It is especially popular among teens, often becoming the topic of many conversations. The question of whether your birth sign influences your life remains a topic for discussion.

Astrology Events in April

Sejal Mohan, Reporter April 21, 2021

Everyone has an astrological chart, that may or may not influence their life events if they choose to believe it or not.  IB senior Jay Nibhanapudy says “I do not believe in astrology due to lack...

Bright Futures is a scholarship program offered to students in the state of Florida with certain SAT/ACT scores, but this year there is talk of changing that.

Bright Futures May Not Be So Bright

Samhitha Katuru, Reporter April 16, 2021

For generations, the Florida Bright Futures scholarship program has provided thousands of students with the ability to attend college, awarding those with potential with grants and funds to receive higher-level...

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