Expected Fashion Trends For Spring And Summer 2021

Expected Fashion Trends For Spring And Summer 2021

Ava Flaute, Designer April 14, 2021

As spring 2021 falls upon us, new fashion and lifestyle trends are beginning to evolve. As new influencers arise we are introduced to unique characteristics that they can bring to change up and positively...

Though Holi (also known as the festival of colors) is often a fun time for Hindus and others who celebrate during spring, it has acted as a super-spreader for the coronavirus as many people have ignored safety precautions.

A Not So Happy Holi

Samhitha Katuru, Reporter April 12, 2021

With the arrival of spring, Indians all over the world have begun to celebrate the auspicious holiday of Holi. Known as the festival of colors or love, Holi is a widely honored day celebrated by Hindus,...

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Allergy Symptoms Worsen As Pollen Count Rises

Ava Flaute, Reporter April 5, 2021

It’s that time of year when people all around the world start to experience watery eyes, an itchy nose, sneezing, and coughing. All of these symptoms are due to the high increase of pollen. Pollen is...

The LGBTQ+ community has advocated for equal rights for decades. With the reintroduction of the Equality Act, the community can finally have protections against discrimination.


Samhitha Katuru, Reporter March 24, 2021

Our nation’s civil rights laws protect people on a daily basis against prejudice referring to skin color, race, disability, gender, and religion. Yet despite the strict jurisdiction of the law, there...

As climates fluctuate, many believe that the immense cold fronts and Arctic outbreak are due to global warming.


Samhitha Katuru, Reporter March 22, 2021

Across America, a new problem has taken the country by storm-quite literally. For the past two weeks, an arctic outbreak, with temperatures rivaling those of the winter season, has seemingly swept through...

Xenophobia and hate crimes against the Asian community have significantly increased since Covid-19. It is important to address these recent incidents and educate those who remain in the dark.

COVID-19: Racism Towards Asian Americans

Christina Davenport, Reporter March 1, 2021

Since the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, significant racial and ethnic inequities have persisted across the continuum of COVID-19 morbidity, hospitalization, and mortality. From this we see a surge...

A lot of controversy has risen over stocks during these past couple months.

GameStop Stock Crash: What You Need To Know

February 28, 2021

Many of today's adults spent their younger years in GameStop stores. They lined up for console launches. They bought and sold games there too. Now some of those gamers are rich after buying GameStop's...

The before and after pictures of the Amazon Rainforest make it evident that humans must quickly decide on a course of action in order to protect the environment from further damage. The world is running out of time and we must hurry before the damages become irreversible.

Amazon Rainforest: What is Left?

Sejal Mohan, Reporter January 22, 2021

The Amazon rainforest is home to an abundance of essential species, and the worsening state of the forest may drive the endangered species to extinction. Last year, the rainforest had a rising number of...

Seminole High School is offering Drivers Education to students. You can sign up from the school website or the front desk at either campuses.

Drivers Education During Pandemic

Christina Davenport, Reporter January 20, 2021

When it comes down to what it takes to be considered a “safe driver”, there are a few ways to tell the driver’s technical ability, the amount of time they’ve spent behind the wheel, and lastly,...

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How to Stay Safe During Cold and Flu Season

Mahalla Hynes, Reporter January 7, 2021

This year’s cold and flu season is approaching, and we face an entirely new set of complications. There are many ways to protect yourself from these viruses that you are probably already doing. What...

The United Kingdom government has approved a vaccine for their citizens following the Covid-19 pandemic. Many countries are following suit and there is talk of America joining that list.

A Beginners Guide to the COVID-19 Vaccine

Manya Garg, Reporter December 17, 2020

During these glum times of the COVID- 19 pandemic, a vaccine to counter the dreadful virus is most sought after globally. Most countries had commenced vaccine manufacturing as early as March. Currently,...

The Trump administration has filed a multitude of lawsuits, all of which have been unsuccessful. Despite President Trump’s denial of the results from the election, the majority of the people in the country have accepted the results and expect a peaceful transition into the next year.

From Trump To Biden: A Contentious Transition

Mahalla Hynes, Reporter December 14, 2020

The 2020 election was called weeks ago, yet the president and many Republicans have not acknowledged President-elect Joe Biden’s win. President Donald Trump continues to fight a dying battle in the swing...

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