New Wardrobe for the New You

Janene Dent, Guest Writer

Looking into the closet to put together an outfit isn’t always an exciting part of the day and it can be discouraging wearing the same outfits over and over. This does not mean everything has to be thrown out and rebuilt from scratch. Some of these pieces have been forgotten about and need to be tried on again to really know if it works or not. There is a possibility that once it is tried on again it can become one of the favorites. Many clothing items are amazing but we think “This could be stylish but it would look better on someone else. I couldn’t pull it off.” In reality these clothes sitting in the back of a drawer could be part of a shockingly spectacular outfit, they just need to be rediscovered. In order to find good combinations, mix it up and experiment with different styles because there is an abundance of fashion waiting to be explored. 


 A good strategy is to go through what is already in your wardrobe and make sure each item is serving a purpose. Some clothes may be “dug up” and these older clothes that haven’t had the chance to be worn in a while should find a new closet to call home. In the article written by (2021, Arruda) the subtitle “Oversaturating yourself with inspiration” stands out. It is a great thing to have inspiration but never good to have too much to the point of obsession.“Obsessing over an influencer’s vast closet and seemingly endless budget for expensive items” (2021, Arruda) will not help to create the right collection of clothes for individuals. There is so much excitement to wearing clothes that are enjoyable to the individual.


Everyone is unique so it is important to get an idea of what styles are most attractive before the shopping begins. Look for inspiration online and in person, pay attention to the outfits other people wear and think “Is that something I would enjoy wearing?” Looking at outfits of others helps to get a clearer goal.                                         (2011, Vogue)  


Try making the goal of creating a wardrobe that is intentional and well thought out instead of impulsive purchasing. Go into the store with a list or a plan. This plan needs to be specific and logical. This demands discipline and effort, when shopping there is a lot of temptation, and oftentimes customers walk out with items they didn’t plan on getting and do not need. In order to reach the goal of creating a self focused wardrobe, there needs to be desire to achieve this goal. Like any goal, if there is no true aspiration, it will not be reached.


Don’t rush the process, take time to pick things out and think about the purchase before making it.   Making unnecessary purchases online can be very tempting. They are quick, easy and get sent straight to the front door, but that does not mean the product being purchased is always as good as it is shown in the pictures. Before buying an item online look at the clothing measurements to make sure they fit. A good tip for ordering the right size is to buy a bit larger or smaller depending on the fabric. When ordering something online there is not a way to try the product on before buying it so make sure it looks relatively close to fit, and read the reviews about the item to see others experiences with the item.


Everyone’s style evolves over time, switching things up may be intimidating at first with some practice it is very possible.