Upcoming Movies and TV

Alexandra Steffano, Contributor

  As the new year begins, new movies and TV shows are being announced left and right. Over the years, many movies and shows have been released. 2023 is anticipating new spin-offs, reboots, and adaptations. There’s a variety of popular shows that were renewed for a new season such as “Ginny and Georgia” and “Emily in Paris” which are both on Netflix, and plenty more! 

      In 2023, we can look forward to at least 40 new movies. 

  • “Little Mermaid” from Disney, starring Halle Bailey. This movie is the first adaptation of the 1989 film that will feature a Black actress to play the main character. It is set to come out on May 26, 2023. 
  • Greta Gerwig’s newest movie “Barbie,” stars Margot Robbie who will play the iconic doll while her co-star, Ryan Gosling, will play Ken in the movie. The movie follows Barbie as she tries to figure out life in the real world. The movie will be released on July 21, 2023. 
  • Another movie many are excited to see is “Wonka.” The movie will star Timothée Chalamet as his character, young Willy Wonka, discovers Oompa-Loompas on one of his adventures. The film is a prequel to “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and is based off of the book by Roald Dahl. The movie will be in theaters on December 15, 2023. 
  • The “Fast & Furious” franchise has 11 well- known movies and is welcoming a new addition.This year, a twelfth movie called “Fast X” is expected to be released. The movie will star Vin Diesel playing his iconic role, Dominic Toretto, along with other actors from the previous movies to play their roles. The new movie will also include Jason Momoa as the villian. The movie will be released May 19, 2023 with a sequel set to release sometime in 2024. (Michaela Zee, 2023)

    While there are plenty of new movies coming out this year, there is also a great number of TV shows that are being released or getting additional seasons. 

  • One TV show that was renewed for a fourth season was “You” from Netflix. The show stars Penn Badgley who plays Joe Goldberg, a man who becomes obsessed and begins to stalk his new friend. The fourth season will be split up into 2 parts with part 1 coming out on February 9 and part 2 coming out on March 9. 
  • A brand new TV series is being released from Prime Video called “Daisy Jones & The Six.” The show is based off of the novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid about a 70s rock band and their journey to fame, giving the show a Fleetwood Mac vibe. The show is set to be released on March 3 on Prime Video. 
  • In late 2021, Netflix released a show called “Squid Game” which was about a man who was entered into a competition to win money with his life at stake by playing dangerous games. The show became very popular just after the first season. There are rumors of a second season but nothing has been confirmed. Although, Netflix will be making a reality show called “Squid Game: The Challenge” which is a real- life competition that is based off of games from the original show. There will be 456 contestants with a chance to earn $4.56 million just like in the show. The show is predicted to come out sometime in 2023, but there is no official date yet.(Emily Gulla, 2022)

      Streaming networks are very popular and have been for a while now. With platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and so much more, it is only right that we get countless new shows and movies in the new year. There is a lot of entertainment we can look forward to in this new year, so be ready for late-night binging and many trips to the movie theater!