Pep Rallies

Jaleri Graham, Guest Writer

Students’ love for school varies, but most would rather be in their beds than be in class at 7 a.m. However, there is one thing that students always look forward to each school year: pep-rallies.


Pep-rallies always happen before a football game, mostly in the cafeteria or gym in which students gather and cheer for Seminole High School’s (SHS) esteemed football team. The pep-rallies consist of music, performances. and games. Then, before it ends, the students all dance to the band’s music and sing SHS’s alma mater. Unsurprisingly, everyone has a good time, and the pep-rally becomes the talk of the day. 


Asia Williams,  a sophomore at SHS states: ”I look forward to pep-rallies [since I] hang out with my friends and have fun.” She adds:”I definitely got super excited and pumped for the game after the pep-rally.” 


For some students, pep-rallies leave you ready for the game so you can have more fun with your peers while watching the game. When asked how she felt about pep-rallies, Courtney Bradley, a sophomore at SHS replies with:”I feel like it brings good energy from a lot of people, it’s nothing but positivity. The positive vibe that the pep-rallies give off has never changed.  It’s always laughter in the air. Some students may be in a brave stage and will decide to show off their moves while all the students circle around and hype them up.” 


It becomes the best part of the day for a lot of students and staff at SHS. When there isn’t a pep-rally, some say they don’t really feel any difference, but Mia Kinsey, a sophomore student at SHS says: ”When there isn’t a pep-rally on a game day I feel kinda disappointed.”


Pep-rallies are what everyone looks forward to since they know a home game is coming. Sometimes, there are days in which students can dress up according to specific themes, making it more fun and exciting for students. These days are called Spirit Days. Many students go above and beyond with their outfits. There isn’t much that should be changed about pep-rallies.  If anything, students would probably wish both lunches could come together and have one big pep-rally with all of the main campus students. 


The dazzlers and cheerleaders always give us a great performance during the pep-rally everyone watches as they kill it on the dance floor. But one thing that SHS students will always be there for is when the drumline comes out.  The drumline is always the most hyped part of the pep rally. All the students jump around to the beat and do a lot of head bopping, but it’s worth it in the end. The students always have a great time during these pep-rallies since they are making good memories that will last forever. They will definitely look forward to the next pep-rally as soon as the current one is over. The adrenaline just makes you so excited and ready for more. 


Pep-rallies will always be a year brightener for students at SHS and will continue to be. Gathering around peers and having fun is what highschool is about; without a doubt, the memories pep-rallies create are unforgettable. Hopefully the next generation will be able to experience this during their time and love it as much as the students now do. Students’ love for pep-rallies will never change because all the students are bonding during their pep-rally. The experience is a one in a lifetime thing, SHS students enjoy the pep-rallies like its their last ever and for some people it is.