Phoebe Sousa, Reporter

Hello there, all you rambunctious cats and kittens! I’m Phoebe Sousa, and I’m back with another installment. Within this week’s episode, I’ll be asking students across campus if they have any cheesy pick-up lines to share with us. 

Given the fact that Valentine’s Day is approaching, I’ve devised something that people will either love or hate, much like the holiday itself. In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is a depressing holiday. Simply put, Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder that I haven’t dated Timothee Chalamet, the good-looking and multi talented “Beautiful Boy” actor, for another year. This goes out to anyone else who has the same feelings for the “heartthrob” Timothee Chalamet! 

Aside from that, I sought to produce this hilariously entertaining episode for anyone who wants to know which audacious pick-up lines they should avoid using. After all, the cheesy pickup lines students shared are ludicrous, but if you’re courageous enough to use them, you’ll definitely make someone chuckle! 

So, if you really want to impress someone don’t use a pickup, unless of course, the pickup line is decent. For starters, being yourself is the only way you can make a good impression. Henceforth, on Valentine’s Day or any other day, I advocate being yourself.


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