Seminole High School is located in Sanford, Florida. Its population exceeds 3,000 students and the school is made up of a standard educational program, Health Academy magnet, and International Baccalaureate magnet.
The newspaper, along with other courses, is a part of the school’s recently-formed Mass Media CAPE (Career and Professional Education) program.

The Seminole Newspaper‘s staff is currently comprised of 25 students. You can find bios on these students on the “Staff” page, as well as read articles or see photographs by any individual staffer.

Responding to The Seminole

Letters to the editor are welcomed. They may be submitted in Renegade-016, on this site, emailed, or mailed to the school. All letters must be signed and names will be published unless specified in the letter. Letters may be edited to correct grammatical errors or to meet other restrictions.


The Seminole is a student-run publication designed to intrigue, inform, and entertain the student body of Seminole High School. All stories are reviewed for accuracy and deemed the responsibility of the staff. The editorials published are the opinions of the writers and not necessarily the opinion of the staff or the administration of the school.


Advertising policies and prices are available in Renegade-016. One may obtain a copy of these by contacting the adviser or business manager. Please call 407-320-5253 for more information.