2017-2018 Staff

Kayla DeLotte

Business/Social Media Manager

Hey y’all!!! I’m Kayla DeLotte and I’m a Health Academy Senior. This is my second year on the paper and I’m so thrilled to be the business and social media manager. I love the beach, Chick-fil-a, and Starbucks……so...

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Alexis Wood


Yes it is I THE Alexis wood. I am a sophomore and a reporter on newspaper this year, how shocking. Anyone who has made their way to the staff section and found me, already knows I am one of the most outgoing people you will ever...

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Jennifer Schmid


Hey, I'm Jennifer Schmid! I'm a freshman and a photographer on the Seminole Newspaper this year. I'm really excited for this year and what's to come being apart of the Seminole Newspaper. I enjoy singing, hanging out with friends,...

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Kierstin Phillips


Hey!!! I'm Kierstin [it's okay if you pronounce it wrong ; ) ] I am a junior Health Academy student and this is my first year have the incredible blessing of senioritis even though I am only a junior...imagine me in senior year *shudders*...

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Leyton Dudley


Hi I'm Leyton! I'm a freshman and I'm so excited to be here on the newspaper staff at Seminole. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I love sharing new information and hearing my peers' thoughts. I play competitive beach...

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Bhavani Selva


Hi! My name is Bhavani Selva. I am a Health Academy Senior this year.  I am a Designer/Reporter this year. Anyways, I am a very sarcastic  and outgoing person. I love to paint and read books. I am a very musically inclined person...

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Sania Shaukat


  Sanyae West can't come to the phone right now. Why? Because she joined the Newspaper staff. A nomad in search for the perfect burger. I really do not appreciate winking. BTW zoya's winks are the worst. Making H...

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Mahek Shaikh

Activities Manager

"Oh sweetie, you're not ugly, society is." It's Mahek, your Professional Procrastinator, Human rights advocate, Certified shampoo model, and Activities Manager on the Seminole Newspaper. Hobbies include: breakfast, lunch,...

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Mansoor Esfandieyar


Hey, this is Mansoor Esfandieyar and I am a senior in the International Baccalaureate program. This is my first year on the newspaper staff as my rising interest for photography led me to join the Newspaper staff. I am also a...

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Serra Sowers


Hey hey! My name is Serra Sowers and this is my first year on the Seminole Newspaper Staff! I am a sophomore and I am in the Pre-IB program here at Seminole.When I'm not taking pictures, I love playing tennis, dancing, singing,...

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Zyva Sheikh

Copy Editor

activist . traveler . cat lady . calligrapher . book lover . sunset obsessed Hey guys! My name is Zyva Sheikh, and I'm a sophomore in the IB program. It's my first year on staff, and I am thrilled to be a copy editor for our wonder...

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Zoya Wazir

Content Manager

Hello for (unfortunately) the final time, vast viewership of the Seminole Newspaper. It's Zoya: your local, closeted Hufflepuff, unashamed idealist, and lover of public transportation. Oh, and of course, a baller on a budget. In...

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Gwyneth Katker


Hey guys! I'm Gwyneth Katker, and I am a photographer! I'm a freshman and I am so glad to be a part of the Seminole Newspaper staff! Some of my hobbies include dancing and hanging out with my friends and family. I love Chick-fil-A...

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Hannah Bensel

Designer/ Reporter

Hey it’s Hannah, I am graphic designer and a reporter on staff. I’m a sophomore in the Health Academy, and I also play volleyball here. I’ve been designing for almost 4 years now but this is my first year on staff. Reporting...

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Ghesseh Afshari

Photography Manager

Hi everyone! I'm Ghesseh Afshari and I'm a Health Academy senior. This will be my second year on staff, last year I was a reporter and this year I'm extremely excited to say that I am the Photography Manager! You'll probably see...

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Shafana Mohammad


Hey guys! My name is Shafana and I am a reporter this year! I am a freshman and that means that this is my first year on the staff, and I'm so excited to be a part of the Seminole Newspaper. I enjoy going to the beach, spending...

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Jillian Kindy


Hi there! I'm Jillian! I'm a junior and this is my first year as an editor. I'm so happy I get to be a part of this amazing staff this year! Books are one of my biggest passions, so I can always be seen with a book at all times....

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Olivia Barnard


Heyyy! I'm Olivia, and I'm an little ball of energy once you get to know me. I love to go on long road trips and have been to almost all 50 states. I have an old soul and love spending time downtown at Maya's Bookstore listening...

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Thu-Minh Nguyen

Co-Content Manager

Hi everyone! I’m Thu-Minh and I'm co-content manager! I’m a senior (woohoo!) and this is my second year of being a part of the Newspaper staff! Here’s just a few facts about myself: I enjoy reading, binge-watching shows...

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Malavika Kannan

Junior Editor-in-Chief

Hi! I'm Malavika: IB junior, metaphor enthusiast, and proud Mom Friend. This is my third year on the Seminole Newspaper staff, and I'm excited to make it my best one yet! When I'm not writing for the newspaper, I'm probably reading...

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