2022 Best Selling Albums

Sidney Mausser, Guest Writer

2022 has been an amazing year for music! With hits from well-known artists to rising stars, it seems that the year was full of music from many genres that everyone can enjoy. As this year comes to a close, let’s take a look back on the top three best-selling albums of 2022.


#3: Sour by Oliva Rodrigo 

When Rodrigo’s first album “Sour” dropped in 2021, it took the world by storm. Her first hit song from the album, “Drivers Licence,” became an instant summer of ‘22 classic, with radio stations everywhere playing her song on repeat. Rodrigo was not a ‘one-hit-wonder’ though, she had many other songs go on to become highly popular as well, including the songs “Deja Vu” and “Brutal.” She sold 165,000 albums ever since, placing her in third place.


#2: Equals by Ed Sheeran 


Everyone’s favorite ginger, who is most well known for his sweet, poppy love songs such as “Shape of You” and “Perfect,” decided that he wanted to switch it up a bit with his next album “Equals.” In Sheeran’s new album, he experiments with adding different elements from other genres, which gives the album a pop-punk kind of feel. Sheeran’s biggest songs from the album, “Bad Habits” and “Shivers,” became yet another one of his cult-classic songs. Sheeran’s “Equals” has become this year’s most streamed album with 340,000 streams!


#1: Harry’s House by Harry Styles


Former boy band star, Harry Styles, has yet again dropped another solo album full of hit songs. His new album,Harry’s House,” has absolutely taken over the radio and has blown up in popularity overnight. His hit songs, “As it Was” and “Music for a Sushi Shop,” have spread and conquered social media apps like TikTok and Instagram.