A Bright Light Under a Stormy Sky


Go Noles!

Mahalla Hynes, Editor-in-Chief

Last night the Seminole High School varsity dominated the field defeating North Miami Beach 38 to 0. The team worked so hard to be able to dominate the field like this. It was an exciting experience for everyone to see the game go this well and for the team to see the community come enthusiastically support them. 

Coach Smith, the wide receiver coach, said his favorite part of the game was “just how we were together, the whole Seminole family, to have the crowd here with everyone focused on one goal.

The student section was never silent throughout the whole game. They cheered the team on, shouting and chanting with endless energy. After the first touchdown, a student started creating clouds of smoke with baby powder. Another student brought a vuvuzela to add to the cacophony of noise coming from the stands. The fans are really important in bringing energy to the team and encouraging them to play even harder. 

The team played with everything they had, functioning like a well-oiled machine to score 5 touchdowns by the end of the first half. They used every tactic in the book, showing off all of the skills they learned in their long hours of practice. 

Seminole won the coin toss and started with the ball in their possession. They quickly gained their first down, marching the ball down the field to score their first touchdown of the game and easily kicking their extra point.

When Miami received the ball, Seminole’s defense was strong and resilient, not allowing them to move down the field.

A second touchdown was scored pushing Seminole’s score forward another 7 points after the extra point was scored. Seminole’s third drive was mired by penalties, and when it looked like the third touchdown was scored an offsides penalty was called and the student’s chanted angrily at the referees, criticizing this call. This, however, did not prevent points from being scored, as 62, Cale Tomlin,  kicked a wonderful, 28-yard field goal that soared right through the center of the goalpost. 

As the second half progressed it became much more exciting. Seminole was able to intercept the ball from North Miami Beach creating the path for yet another touchdown. This touchdown was scored with a variety of plays. First wide receiver, Danata Whack ran it down the field. Then a gorgeous pass from quarterback Luck Rucker was caught by Micheal Key for another touchdown. By this time in the game, the dark storm clouds covered the stadium and it was beginning to sprinkle, but this did not diminish the fighting Noles spirit, as there were more points to be one. 

Right after this exciting touchdown, Seminole managed to recover a failed onside kick made by North Miami Beach, allowing them to further the ball down the field. Seminole eventually punted to North Miami Beach, who attempted to punt back, but it was blocked by Seminole. Justin Rosado Jr., 15, was able to run the ball 20 yards for Seminole’s fourth touchdown of the game. 

The 5th touchdown was scored by Darren “Goldie” Lawrence. This was scored when he caught an impressive 34-yard pass.

The second half concluded, and half time started. The Dazzlers and Marching Band wowed the crowd leading them in songs raising the energy for the 2nd half.

 Seminole’s enormous lead allowed them to give an opportunity to players who had not played yet to get out on the field and show their skills.

Senior, Josiah Carter, said “It was my first game being out and it was great to see them perform like they did. It was really good to see all of the energy to encourage us for the rest of the season.”

Karson Siqueiros-Lasky added, “It was really great to play a good game, staying calm and composed and together to win.”

Overall, Seminole dominated the field during only their second game of the season and everyone hopes they continue to do this.