Zoya Wazir

Although every school has its oddities, Seminole High School’s strange occurrences all seem to be concentrated in one place: Renegade Hall.

Zoya Wazir and Mahek Shaikh

While the Seminole High School campus has always been a place of outlandish events, many of the school’s eccentric - and often unfortunate - occurrences seem to be concentrated in one location: Renegade Hall.

From the bathroom fires and firecrackers to the mysterious phone thieves, Renegade has seen it all. Although there is security in Renegade as well as the other

Senior Abdullah Hamid has his own horror story that has left students and teachers wary of the infamous Renegade bathrooms. While using the bathroom in upstairs Renegade, he was attacked by a few kids who tried to steal his phone.

Hamid said, “I had lost nothing. They failed. I was successful in defending my property. I had no intentions to pursue them, I was too afraid and too shocked. I brought myself up from the ground and limped my way back to Mrs. Rosenberger’s room.”

Although Hamid fended off his attackers and avoided robbery, this event sparked concern among teachers. Mrs. Rosenberger even attempted to implement a buddy-system for students going to the bathroom, but the Renegade chaos was far from over.

The disaster-prone halls of Renegade were next rocked by the chaotic firecracker incident of March 2017, when two students set off firecrackers in an alcove of the building and were thereafter expelled. A slough of other criminalities have plagued Renegade recently, such as phone theft and fires in the bathrooms and trash cans.

While it may seem that all of SHS’s oddities are concentrated in Renegade, Dean Rodney Torrence says that this is not the case; it merely appears so because Renegade has the most foot traffic. In fact, campus crimes are actually fairly spread out around campus, with the highest amount in the west wing of the school.

While there is no explanation for these occurrences, the administration is always on high alert for any unusual behavior on campus (but especially in Renegade Hall). Whether or not Renegade is really the center for Seminole’s crazy events, it will always be remembered as one of our most legendary buildings.