Gouthami Gadamsetty, Copy Editor

By: Gouthami Gadamsetty, Copy Editor

Senior Alex Lowie, who was chosen to direct through an application process, will be the first student to co-direct Seminole’s fall show alongside Drama teacher, Mrs. Tiffany Ortiz. Lowie will primarily be working with the actors while Ortiz focuses on the technical departments for this year’s fall show, The Bad Seed.

As an actor and director, Lowie says, “I prefer natural acting. I know the actors are competent and I know they know what they’re doing, so instead of telling someone when to move their arm when, I kind of let them do whatever is natural.”

Ortiz and Lowie will be taking rotations working with the actors and the tech departments in hopes of making the production more cohesive.

Ortizsays, “Alex is definitely a leader and likes to take charge. He has a vision and he’s great to work with.”

Though this is Lowie’s first time co-directing such a large production, he has considerable experience with directing. Last year, Lowie co-directed Seminole’s one act, When it Rains Gasoline, with 2014 graduate Alexia Taylor. The show won fifth place at the district level competition.

Junior Amelia Green, who is stage manager for The Bad Seed says, “Because he’s a kid, he gets along well with us, but we still give him a lot of respect because he’s really accomplished at what he does.”

Lowie has been participating in theater his entire life. He started off auditioning in community theater at the age of eight with his older brother, Zach Lowie. Once he reached Seminole High School, Lowie went out of his way to participate in almost every school production. From working backstage and building the set, to acting on stage, Lowie has done it all.

As a senior in the Health Academy program, president of the Debate Club, and active member of other extra curricular activities, Lowie has a lot to juggle. Lowie says, “School does take up a majority of my time and I’ve had to cut back a lot from volunteering. It’s manageable, but I can’t slack off or procrastinate.”

In the future, Lowie wants to pursue a career in politics. While he can’t see himself attending a specific theater program for college, he hopes to stay involved in community theater throughout his life.