Izma Shakil

Seminole High School plans to install turf, benefiting both players and the school.

Omar Syed, Editor

This 2019-2020 school year, Seminole High School has launched a campaign to fund money for a new artificial turf field. This new field provides numerous benefits, not only for the athletes who use the field, but also for the school to maintain it. Our school has launched this project for much more than the reason of the aesthetics, as the field’s condition and maintenance has been somewhat of an issue.

“It’s better quality than what we have, we would be able to maintain it better, and it’s going to last for a good amount of time.” said football coach, Kerry Wiggins.

Since the field will be artificial, there is a lower risk of injury, meaning athletes would be able to stay safe while playing a heavy contact sport. A study done by the American Journal of Sports Medicine noticed a significant change in the amount of injuries between those on an artificial turf field and those on a grass field, and of course, the players’ health comes first. Considering football is such a heavy contact sport, players will still be at risk with injury, but with artificial turf rather than the current field, the likelihood of injury would be cut down. Along with injury comes with the cost of a single game. 

There’s parts of the field that have divots and holes, which could lead to injury or cost a close game,” said linebacker Aniketh Guduri

Schools such as Lake Mary High and Lake Brantley High also have artificial turf fields, and as they are some of the many competitors of our football team, adding turf would quite literally even the playing field. 

“You’re able to get more of a profit, because the turf will hold up better. The field will be ready for any sport to play on, like soccer and football,” said Wiggins.

Seminole High School has set a goal to raise 1.3 million dollars for the renovation, hoping that renovations would be done and the new facilities would be ready to use for the 2020-2021 school year. Along with the new changes to the field, the plan is to renovate the track, weight room, and add a new digital scoreboard as well as any other necessary upgrades. 

“With this being one of the oldest high schools in Seminole County, I believe this city deserves it, because it’s a community high school, we’re embedded with enough tradition and citizens who care about our young men and women,” said Wiggins. “I do believe that they will support the need for our students.”

More information about the new athletic renovation plans can be found here along with a link to where donations can be made to help support this project.