Renee Sang

The Seminole High Best Buddies club attended the annual Friendship ball.

Sameeha Rashid, Reporter

Best Buddies (BB) hosted the Friendship Ball on Feb. 19th at the Venue at UCF from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. This event was for the Central Florida region and all Best Buddies came together and socialized. This occasion was free and attendees were served refreshments.

This occasion takes place every year by the Best Buddies clubs. Many students with developmental disabilities don’t feel comfortable enough to attend the proms at their school and the Friendship Ball allows them to be themselves. This national celebration includes club members as well.

The main purpose of the club is to become “buddies” with kids from Millennium Middle School who have disabilities. At the beginning of the school year, members are paired with a buddy. The rest of the year is spent getting to know each other.

The school did not have to give any form of assistance. Instead, there was a drive this year to get prom dresses and suits. The clothes were donated by members of the Seminole community.

Sponsor Maxine McPherson says, “I have attended the BB Friendship Ball for many years and they have always been fun and inspiring. When you see the students all dressed up and dancing and having such fun, and you consider that that many of them will not participate in such an event during their school career, it is always an emotional and awesome event.”

Buddies from all over Central Florida had a night full of festive music and dancing. In addition, there were dance competitions.

Sophomore Lily Messina says, “This year’s Friendship Ball was amazing. I enjoyed every minute I spent dancing and having fun with my Buddy and my friends. I can’t wait to go to the one next year.”

The event was catered by PDQ and included a variety of chicken items. Water as well as an assortment of soda was provided. Dessert consisted of different types of ice cream.

Senior Jonah Fernandez, the current president of Best Buddies, says, “I danced a lot at the ball with my Buddy and our friends. He had a blast and the music was great. I saw many different members from this region and we laughed and took a lot of pictures.”

Best Buddies also carries out other activities throughout the year including many ways to raise awareness and money to spread the word of their club.

The Friendship Ball is a tradition of Best Buddies that they hope to continue in the future. According to many students who attended, the ball was an important event for both the buddies and the club members.