Krisha Patel

Current BPA state officers announcing the new BPA state officers at the BPA state leadership conference.

Clara Bouley, Reporter

Business Professionals of America (BPA) is a business oriented competition club with many events. Through the regional conference, Seminole had 110 students advance to the State Leadership Conference (SLC). Seminole brought home new hardware, experiences and smiles. Students that placed are advancing to the National Leadership Conference (NLC), which is going to be held in Anaheim, California in late April. This was the largest number of students Seminole has had advance in the competition. Taking this into account, there were many students who had never been to the SLC before or were first time attendees.


Fiona Pando, Caroline Brown, and Faith Rivers were all in a group together. It was their first time participating in BPA. Consequently, it was their first time attending the SLC. The group participated in event 255- Administrative Support Team. 

Pando said, “I enjoy the freedom of BPA to choose events and get an adult experience.” 


At BPA students are trusted with more freedom to give a true business environment. Participants are expected to be dressed in professional attire and maintain a professional persona throughout the conference. 

Rivers included that “it was fun to dress up and get a peek of what we could do in the future.” 


In their event, they were asked to create five documents varying in media and medium. The group was happy to attend the SLC, and as Brown states they “did not think [they] would make it out of regionals.” 

The group was very happy with just advancing to the SLC and hopes to try again next year for a national qualification. 


Rohan Patel has participated in BPA for two years now and has competed in different events each year. In his first year competing, he only advanced to the regional level and and was disappointed. This year though their group has taken a complete 180 degree turn in results and events, focusing on a more technical event. 


Patel included that: “the event focuses on office tools with multiple media types, taking AP Computer Science Principles helped him and he thinks is the major reason in the group advances.” 


The group placed third and advanced to the NLC. Ashutosh Sharma, a member in Patel’s group, was very excited; he also placed in an open event. Open Events are structured tests in different subjects. Placing in the tests is just for recognition, but the tests give students experience to new topics that can be applied in life. Sharma placed third in the medical terminology test. 


Sharma excitedly said, ”I am surprised [that I qualified] as I only have medical knowledge from pre-medical classes in middle school.” 

Sharma plans to take the same test at nationals.


Sophia Gallego and Claudia Hernandez-Cruz both participated in BPA for the first time this year. Gallego said she wanted to participate this year as she saw her own friends having fun in BPA the past year: “I saw my friends participate last year and it looked like fun, I thought it would be helpful as an extracurricular as I am not sure what I want to do as a career.” 


Gallego and Hernandez-Cruz competed on the same team with Amelia Rodriguez and Sihi Vasista, who competed last year and moved on to the national stage. The team was tasked with designing a website to sell used cars. They presented their website, displaying its functions to the judges at SLC. Gallego and Hernandez-Cruz are excited as their team advances to the NLC. 


These rookies are a prime example as to why students should try new things. There is nothing to lose, and success is very possible! Students can also learn important things to use later in life. Make sure to wish the BPA finalists good luck!