HyunA and DAWN announce their split!


HyunA and DAWN announce their split!

Roshan Uy, Reporter

True love is hard to believe, let alone come by. To Kpop fans at Seminole High School (SHS), this statement could not be any more true when artists DAWN and HyunA announced their breakup at the. 


HyunA and DAWN, previously known as E’Dawn, are Kpop artists who used to be under Cube Entertainment. Although they were originally part of two separate groups, HyunA and E’Dawn debuted together under Triple H, releasing songs that would reach the top of the music charts. Their chemistry, which can be observed in their music videos, had been noted to be unmistakable, but fans brushed the idea off since they knew that Cube Entertainment prohibited dating among labelmates. To the fans’ surprise, however, the two made their romantic relationship public in 2018. As a result, their contracts with Cube Entertainment were terminated.


At the time, Cube Entertainment’s decision to remove the two artists angered the Kpop community. They were also human, so many argued that they had the right to date each other if they wanted. Despite the public outcry, Cube Entertainment did not retract their decision. The two would later join another company, P-Nation, and resume their idol activities together.


“I remember being angry at [Cube Entertainment],” IB senior Ajay Kandamkulathy states when he recalls the event. “But at the same time, it made me feel happy about the couple. They look so good together, and HyunA has always been one of my favorite artists.”


Ever since then, HyunA and DAWN had been dating for six years. They had also announced their engagement on Feb. 3, 2022. They shared the news by showing off their unique opal rings on Instagram. DAWN captioned his photo with “Marry Me,” while HyunA captioned hers with “Of course, it’s a yes.” 


Fans of this couple were overwhelmed with happiness: “Despite their hardships, they made it through. I respected that so much,” Kandamkulathy adds.


However, to fans’ inevitable dismay, HyunA and DAWN broke up. This was revealed when HyunA posted on Instagram: “We broke up. We decided to remain as good friends and colleagues from now on. Thank you always for your support and for looking over us fondly.”


Mixed reactions within the Kpop community emerged when the news broke out. Many people were understanding, stating that their decision needed to be respected and that it should be dealt with privately between HyunA and DAWN themselves. However, some others had more extreme reactions.


Enraged, some had fabricated stories about the reason why the two broke up. In social media, it had been speculated that HyunA refrained from telling DAWN that she secretly cheated on him with other men during their relationship. The same poster adds that HyunA was hiding a child while living with someone else in high school and that she had an abortion.


Fortunately, these comments were soon refuted by DAWN himself, who asserted that he will be taking legal action against the people who spread false information about HyunA. 


He states: “Hello, this is DAWN. I won’t talk for long but the following post is not written by me and I will be taking legal action against the cowardly, dirty, and pitiful person who is spreading false information. Even if we broke up, [HyunA] is still just as precious to me, more sincere and cool than anyone I’ve seen, and the artist I will continue to love most. Please don’t live like this and use your precious time in a good place.”


Although the two are no longer together, it is clear that DAWN’s care for HyunA remains. While they may not be together anymore, it is clear they are still on good terms. Let’s wish them good will, and not spread hate!