Natasha Biarrieta

Keila Thomas, Staff Reporter

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Fundraisers are used by many clubs as a funding resource. The mark upon every student is truly visible, as they walk around with boxes of candy.

Freshman Samiha Nazrul said, “If it’s a school wide fundraiser, everyone’s selling the same things. So students can’t sell to each other, but with only a handful of club member selling goods, it’s easier to sell to the rest of the student body, and there’s less competition.”

Middle school fundraisers were simple catalog sales and high school fundraisers consist of chocolate bars. There is a need for better alternatives. Sophomore Sarina Singh stated, “The type of fundraisers I would have are books, cupcake packages, dessert packages, […] things having to do with holidays, and many others.”

Out-of-school events such as car washes, face paintings, and penny drives are ways to attract lots of people within the Seminole County community. Car washes are events that take lots of work, but would be a good workout for the sports athletes. When held at the right location, such as a busy McDonalds or Wal-Mart business, it can attract many people to sponsor the cause, even if they aren’t part of Seminole’s community. The same affect can be applied to penny drives at Wal-Mart or other busy shopping centers.

Face paintings could be a good addition to other fundraisers because they accommodate restless children who need entertainment. It is also a good way to help babysitters entertain younger kids.

Ideally, fundraising is a resource to raise money in the simplest way possible. That being said, the sale should be one of necessity. Things such as trendy items, everyday tools, and exciting gadgets would be a fun way to make money.

Keeping up with the trends is a hassle when they are ever-changing; but, could be lucrative if done right. Common slogans, or new ones, could be put on things such as T-Shirts, jewelry, backpacks, or other forms of portable advertisement. The slogans catch people’s attention, while also giving a cool edge.

Being original in a fundraiser is vital to its success. Michelle Zhong, SHS sophomore, stated, “It was a great experience selling them [Little Debbies snacks for Mu Alpha Theta] last year, and it was always fun having competitions with other Mu Alpha Theta members seeing who could finish selling first.”

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