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Sahasra Vemula
Pink represents breast cancer month

Throughout the month of October, the world finds different ways to recognize breast cancer. Breast cancer is a lump of cancer found in the cells of your breast, typically suffered by women but can also be found in men.The cells in this type of cancer grow and spread more rapidly than healthy cells would, so it is important to get checkups to try and catch it early to contain the spread. Symptoms of breast cancer are possible to appear in your early 20s and 30s, so if you are ever feeling like you may need a check up, go to the doctors and get professionally examined. There are many different types of examinations you could go in for, such ASA breast exam, a mammogram, and a breast ultrasound. A mammogram is the use of low energy x-rays that scan the breast to diagnose any kind of possible cancer that can be found. Mammograms are the most typical examination used to detect breast cancer. Now that we have covered all the basics, let’s talk about how we can inform people on how serious this matter really is.


Schools all around the world, including our own Seminole High School (SHS) find ways to bring the issue to light. This is important because even though children and teenagers do not suffer from this particular disease, it is common all around the world and everybody should stay educated. Family members, close friends, and even classmates could have this type of cancer or know somebody that does, so knowing how to speak on it and not be insensitive to the subject is crucial. During the whole month of October, there are numerous activities that are planned to address the subject to students. In some high schools, just like ours, there is a pink out themed football game, where students are seen dressed head to toe in their best pink attire. All throughout the month people can be seen wearing pink to commemorate breast cancer. Another way that schools bring awareness is a week of dress up days, including days like pajama day and even a pink out day.


Seminole High School sophomore Rhea Bagchee says: “I’m excited for our school to be bringing awareness to breast cancer. I think the football pink out game is a really good way to commemorate the issue, and it helps students be more aware of other things that are happening in the world. Also, when there are dress up days I always like those, because you get to see everybody dressed up in cool pink outfits while still bringing light to a very serious subject for a lot of people. I also believe that it helps to educate people so we all know what we are dressing up for.” 


Pink has been the universal color used for breast cancer since 1992, when a woman named Alexandra Penney was writing an article for Self Magazine and decided to use a pink ribbon to symbolize breast cancer.She distributed them to “cosmetic giants” and got them to spread these bows all around the city of New York. 


Other places like businesses and organizations bring awareness as well. Many different kinds of brands donate some of their proceeds they make to breast cancer research studies to help search for a cure. A SHS senior, who would like to remain anonymous states: “I think it’s really cool how the world has found so many ways to address this and inform people on breast cancer. I think it’s crucial for people to be aware of women’s struggles who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. So many women struggle with this, so I try to stay educated as well.”


Since we are approaching this very crucial month of awareness, be sure to wear your pink!

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