Catastrophe for the Wildcats of Winter Park


Final Score of the first playoff game against the Winter Park Wildcats.

Mahalla Hynes, Editor-in-Chief

The Seminoles started the game with rightful confidence displaying a sign reading “Tell yo girl you’re free next Friday.” Prepared to defeat the Wildcats. 


Seminole starts the game by kicking off to the winter park wild cats, but Seminole has an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called against them allowing the cats to gain ground. However, a team tackle halts forward progress. At the Seminole nine-yard line, a fumble turns the ball over to Seminole. Antonio Simpson picks up the ball taking it down to the 40-yard line. Luke Rucker passes the ball taking us inside the 25-yard line. Number catches the ball for a touchdown. All down in only four plays. Seminole did not take this game lightly and they went for the 2 point conversion successfully with Darren Lawrence taking it in.


After Cale Tonkin kicks off, Lucas Fonseca prevents the Wildcats from going anywhere with a great tackle, and after some other shows of the excellent defense, Demari Henderson returns a punt. An offsides penalty evens out any gains made by Henderson. However, Donta Whack completes an 11-yard run allowing them to secure the first down in the next play. Although they are not able to gain another, Tomlin kicks a fantastic 25-yard punt. 


The Seminole defense works hard to keep those Wildcats back, and they are unable to gain even a first down. Whack busts through the Wildcat defense on an excellent play, an excellent close to the first quarter. 


In a smart play, Karson Siquerious-Lasky is unable to find a receiver so he runs it a few yards. Tyrone Williams Jr. is able to secure the first down. A beautiful pass by Siquerious-Lasky gained the second touchdown of the game and another two-point conversion. 


Ja’cari Henderson tackles the catcher right at the line of scrimmage just as the ball reached the receiver’s hands. Karen Moore sacks the quarterback causing a fumble and giving Seminole back possession of the ball. 


In the first play of the next possession, Williams Jr. scores a first down. Then threw a 42-yard pass to wide-open receiver Demari Henderson who ran unchallenged into the end zone. This drive lasted only three plays, one minute and 19 seconds for 65 yards to be gained. 


A strange halftime show does not have the band out on the field but only playing towards the stands, but the drumline still gets to bring enthusiasm back in.


The second half starts with Seminole quickly making it down to the two-yard line because of a 65-yard reception by Henderson. This gives Whack a chance to score another touchdown. 


The Wildcats managed to score a touchdown in the third quarter. The Wildcats try an onside kick and the ball goes to Seminole, but sadly this goes nowhere and Rucker makes a 35-yard punt. 


The Wildcats are not able to keep a hold of this progress tonight as Henderson intercepts the ball and makes a touchdown. 


After a bit of struggle Seminole is able to make a 17-yard pass caught by Marvin Brown. Through the end of the third quarter, the Seminole defense holds strong blocking passes and tackling players. 


Rodney Grant trucks the ball down the field hitting a photographer and bringing Seminole up to the 26-yard line in the process but the ball is turned over on downs. 


Then the cats were able to score a touchdown. Then after another turnover, they score a touchdown on a 50-yard pass. 


Just as Seminole sacks a quarterback a face mask penalty is called against Seminole giving the Cats an automatic first down allowing them to score a touchdown, but this is not enough to win the game and with 30 seconds left the game ends. 


Overall this game was fantastic to watch, but the trend of Seminole losing so many yards on penalties continues to punish them. As we go deeper into the playoffs, hopefully this will not follow us, especially when playing Lake Mary next week. A successful game for Seminole, but an overall catastrophe for wild cats.