Charlie Christ is back on the ballot for Florida in 2014.

Aida Lashinsky, Reporter

Florida’s previous governor, Charlie Crist, has announced his candidacy for governor again in the upcoming 2014 election.

Charlie Crist recently became a Democrat in 2012, after switching from Republican to Independent in 2010. His switch in parties was shown by his change in character, such as he now openly supports gay marriage, while as a Republican he voted for bans against it.

Due to Charlie Crist’s leaving the Republican party, he lost a lot of support that helped him in past campaigns. Crist presents himself as a proud Democrat, though, as on his Facebook page when he officially switched parties, he posted that he was “Proud and honored to join the Democratic Party in the home of President @Barack Obama!”

“I don’t want a governor that changes his mind,” said junior Katie-Starr Harrell. “He needs to stand firm in his beliefs.”

After Charlie Crist’s change of parties there has been a lot of expectation that the former governor will run again, competing against current Florida governor Rick Scott. It was widely expected that Crist would declare that he will be running again, and this was supported by his November 1 announcement.

The election for Florida’s next governor will take place on November 4, 2014.

Crist has for the past year been working as an attorney for the law firm Morgan and Morgan. He was the attorney general of Florida prior to his election as governor. Morgan and Morgan stated that Crist has provided a lot of financial support for them.

A poll was conducted as a way to see the odds of who might win- Rick Scott or Charlie Crist.The results showed that Crist held the lead in Floridan’s popularity over Rick Scott by twelve points.

Different people have different ideals for what they would hope from the next Florida governor.

When asked what  she hopes Florida’s next governor would be like, sophomore Polina Zhitskay replied: “honest and kind, because he needs to . . . want to make Florida better.”

The news on state elections are broadcast throughout the media, increasing as the elections draw closer. But many high school students or those of a younger generation do not pay attention to state politics.

Sophomore Leotis Heath said that students need “to be aware what’s going on in this day [for] when it’s time for them to be going out of school.”

As the election draws closer, many more Floridians continue to make their opinions and wait as Charlie Crist begins his campaign against incumbent Rick Scott.