Isabel Adamus

Isabel Adamus created the popular Instagram account @chewythesamoyed to celebrate her dog, Chewy.

Shafana Mohammad, Reporter

It’s often said that dog is man’s best friend and man is dog’s best friend. In the case of senior Isabel Adamus and her dog Chewy, this saying has never been truer. Wanting to share her lovable dog with the rest of the world, she created the popular “dogstagram” account @chewythesamoyed on Instagram.

Chewy’s full name is Olaf Chewbacca Adamus. He is a fluffy, white-coated Samoyed with brown eyes. Born on Oct. 3, 2016,  Chewy is now a year old. Adamus and Chewy love the Paw Park in Historic Sanford and usually go once a day. According to his owner, Chewy’s passions include tennis balls, bread, socks, bananas, and chasing squirrels and lizards.

Adamus originally started the account for a way for her family to document a timeline of their life with Chewy. She wanted to memorialize not only her dog’s growth over the years, but also her family’s. Adamus started this account on December 12, 2016 and since has posted 219 pictures of Chewy.

“I wanted a way to document his growth and share with the world his adorableness,” said Adamus.

However, the account soon expanded from there. As of Nov. 17, Adamus’s account dedicated for Chewy has over a thousand followers. She explains that through the account, she has been able to connect with other Samoyed owners around the world. Adamus reports having been approached by pet companies to promote their products. Although Adamus is not interested in earning money through her dog, she does enjoy documenting the fun times she has with him. She said that she did not want to become an account solely dedicated to reviewing dog products.

Adamus never thought that this account would ever gain the popularity it has now. She does, however, attribute it to how lovable Chewy is.

“He is super clingy and needy, but we love him for it,” said Adamus.