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Art club is all about exploring your creativity and inner artist.

Chloe Park, Reporter

As the new school year starts to unfold, something you could look forward to is the variety of clubs at Seminole HIgh School (SHS).  Clubs are a great way to make new friends and get involved with the Seminole High School community.  Here are a few that might capture your interest!


Art Club

If you love exploring new styles of art or just like to spend your free time drawing, Art Club could be the club for you. This club runs every other Thursday after school starting on August 25th in the art teacher’s room at the Ninth Grade Center. 

IB sophomore Ruby Feng is the Vice President of Art Club says: ”The purpose of Art Club is basically for a bunch of people to get together after school to do all types of art activities together so people can express themselves through art. It’s just fun meeting new people or having fun with your friends. Last year, we did some stuff like bean art and we have normal stuff like watercolor, doodling, collages with magazines.” 

This year they are planning to do more long term projects. She continues to add that  “Sometimes you might not find time to sit down and do art, but this club gives a slot of time every week to do so. You get to express yourselves while having fun!”  


Interact Club

Are you interested in helping out the local community and looking for community service hours? Interact Club does just that. They help out with local gardens and pantries, providing volunteering opportunities throughout the year. Meetings are held every Tuesday in Tribe 207.

Sudha Manogna Motamarri, IB senior and Vice President of Interact says “The purpose of Interact Club is to help students complete their community service hours requirements along with helping them interact with our community and improve their leadership skills.  We also highlight the fact that each and every activity we do helps every one of us to have fun.” 

Another activity that they have been doing is Chalk the Walk. This activity includes drawing or writing positive messages for students before big tests. In the past years, they have done movie nights and hang outs with friends. Motamarri adds “This year specifically, we are going to have a picnic, which is almost like an interesting meeting where non-members can come.”  

This picnic is planned to be on September 10th and any students are welcome to join. Motamarri states: “People should join this club because there are already so many competition focused clubs, but Interact is fun and provides service hours through helping the community.” She lastly describes Interact Club as “a place where you can grow.”  


Gateway to Science

This club is great if you like science and working with kids. Gateway to Science is a club that can help improve presentation skills as well as teamwork skills. Meetings are held every other Friday in the science building in Kathleen Leitz’s room.

IB senior and Co-President of the club, Rishabh Mehta, says “We made Gateway to Science to provide a fun and engaging alternative to introduce science to elementary kids. They have lesson plans and notes but sometimes it can get boring. So, we decided to make this club to basically introduce fun and engaging topics to try and encourage people to learn more about science and to be curious about it.” 

Mehta adds: “My favorite part about being an officer for this club is to see how this club has grown from a simple idea.”  

Fellow Co-President and IB senior Eric Zhu answered “It provided a lot of valuable experiences for members that want to join and they develop leadership skills as well as organization skills and we also spend a lot of time with kids. Adding on to that, a lot of students are in need of opportunities for volunteer hours and this is a good and fun way of getting those done.”  


Business Professionals of America (BPA)

Business Professionals of America (BPA) is one of the most widely known clubs at Seminole.  It is a competition-based club where members are allowed to work as a team or as an individual and compete in a diverse number of events.  

Vice President of the club, IB sophomore Ankitha Vustepalli, speaks about it: “It allows people to make lifelong friendships, get leadership advice, and gain a ton of skills like communication and leadership skills. It’s a business club and has business related competitions, but it also allows you to grow as an individual. 

She adds,  “My favorite part is being able to give back to the club that did so much for me because it allows me to gain some skills and make friendships”.  

Vustepalli remarks that the awards ceremony at the end of the competition is a very fun experience. 


These are only a few out of the many clubs that are at SHS. Clubs are a great way to make new friends and pursue your interest, while giving you a break from school. Consider joining them to make your school year more interesting!