COVID-19’s Effect on Social Media


Vyann Van, Contributor

Social media has made a huge impact on Covid-19 from informing the world of updates to keeping people connected with their family and friends. Covid-19 originally started in China. The first case of Covid-19 was reported on December 31, 2019 ( Many news agencies around the world started discussing this new, undiscovered virus, soon many people started hearing intriguing information about the virus. The coronavirus spread worldwide and soon became a pandemic that put the world into quarantine. 


Governments started quarantining and locking down people around the world. Many people lost contact with the world outside of their homes and felt lonely. Luckily, social media helped people get through this difficult time. Social media helped people stay safe and let people know how to take care of others and themselves during such a puzzling time. Social media has also brought the world closer together, many people felt lost and struggled with mental health due to the sudden decline of social interaction in their lives. Social media keeps people connected and social.


Many social media influencers started donating to hospitals and other places for supplies because when the pandemic started they were short on supplies. They started posting to social for other people to donate and raise money to help others that are less fortunate. During this time when people had to quarantine, many people couldn’t go to work and make money so they had to find other ways to make money from home. Also, many people created websites to keep track of covid cases around the world. There’s an app where it can track if there are covid cases near you so you can stay safe (Apple). 


Social media helped people stay connected to each other. Social media is a great way to find information on how to help out if you want to. Social media opened many people’s eyes to the world. This made everyone realize that everyone is going through this difficult time and that they need to stick together to get through this. Overall, social media has made a huge impact on the world by helping everyone come together to support each other and get through this difficult time with Covid-19.