Malavika Kannan

A cricket team is soon to come to SHS.

Malavika Kannan, Reporter

The following article was published as a part of The Seminole’s 2015 April Fool’s issue! The information, quotations, and other content is completely fictitious and should not be considered a true representation of the school, the administration, or other governing entities.


Cricket fans throughout Seminole High have been delighted to learn of the addition of a cricket team to the school’s lineup of sports. Following the climactic Cricket World Cup on Sunday, the school’s athletic department announced plans to start a league at home.

“We’re very excited, and I expect it will be a huge success here at Seminole,” says Sue Gladman, the head of the athletic department. “Our school has a number of cricket fans and promising players. We have huge plans in the works.”

Played in the U.K., Australia, and countries of Southern Asia– most notably India and Pakistan– cricket is the world’s second most popular sport after soccer. It involves two teams of eleven players and a bat and ball, and is in many aspects similar to baseball.

Although cricket never gained much popularity in the U.S., the diverse student community of SHS has welcomed the chance to play the sport. For many, cricket is a part of their cultural heritage.

“I’ve grown up avidly watching cricket with my family,” says junior Avan Patel. “Cricket is huge to Indian fans, and I think that it’s so cool to see it coming to Seminole. I know that it will be popular among me and my friends.”

The athletic department decided to introduce cricket to SHS in order to increase cultural awareness of other sports. While sports like football have achieved wild popularity solely in the U.S., cricket is appreciated worldwide. Administration feels that not only would the addition of cricket please its growing number of fans, it would increase students’ knowledge of the world.

“I’m an athlete, so I love all sports,” says freshman Tanequa James. “It would be pretty interesting to give an international ball game a try. I’ve heard it’s quite similar to baseball, so people at SHS could catch on quickly.”

A schedule of tryouts will soon be announced in order to form the teams that will play in the league, which will be decided by May. At minimum, the athletic department hopes to form five co-ed teams, although several dozen hopefuls have already signed up for tryouts. While details are yet to be decided, games will likely be held every week in a tournament style. Indian snacks will be provided as refreshments.

Seminole already has over 50 individual sports teams, and athletics anticipates adding one more achievement to that: the first high school cricket league in the state of Florida. More information about the cricket league will be announced in the coming days.