Keila Thomas

Keila Thomas, Staff Reporter

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With over 3,500 kids at Seminole High, and such diversity, it is hard to find a lot of people that share the same beliefs. When there are holidays or cultural events, not everyone knows someone else at school who can celebrate it with them. Indeed, the only religious clubs at Seminole are Student Venture for people of Christian belief, and the Jewish club.

Although there is a club for Christians, sophomore Kelwin Thomas stated, “I honestly don’t care if they make a club for Christians because it is one of the largest religions in the world.” This opinion could be shared by others, who might feel that their religion is strong enough not to need a club for it. One of the purposes of a club is to bring people together with similar interests. A big club that supports the Asian population is the Asian Student Association or ASA for short.

The ASA is like a mini community at Seminole. Not only is it home to any one of Asian descent, it is open to any one that is interested in joining, no matter their heritage. As Helen Kim, one of the club’s presidents said,“We were all friends regardless of our races. Through this, the non-Asians felt comfortable to join ASA.”  The club is sponsored by Ms. Chinyen Chuo, and IB mathematics teacher.

Chuo, who is “a powerful and organized leader,” said Kim, is trying many different things this year, even though she is a first year ASA sponsor. Chuo stated, “The Asian Student Association was mainly a social club; however, we are trying to do some type of community outreach/service projects such as helping/tutoring ESOL students master English language – this is still in the planning stage.”

A place to be different but the same is what clubs are all about. Anyone can start a club, once they go through the necessary steps to organize and authorize it with the administration. So, for the clubs Seminole does not have, such as an active Spanish Honor Society or a Buddhist club, they can be started with a little initiative and dedication.

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