Serra Sowers

Freshman take their first steps into high school as seniors walk out.

Kayla DeLotte, Business/Social Media Manager

Dear Freshman Me,

Freshman year is the year of many firsts. A person will experience their first taste of school spirit, football games, and even freedom. Looking back, there are some pieces of advice that people should receive prior to starting high school.

First, your friend group is everything, so choose wisely. Whether it’s studying, partying, or just being there for you, your friends are going to pull you through the worst of times and be there in the prime moments of your teenage years. The friends you start off with on the first day will most likely not be the same ones standing by you at graduation, but that’s okay because those people are there to teach you lessons along the way.

The second piece of friend advice I can give is to find one person that you can consider your “person.” This friend will be your ride or die and may be the only person you can rely on at times.

Next, you will slowly care less and less of what people think about you. On the first day of freshman year, you come dressed to impress. By senior year, yoga pants on the daily will be everyone’s uniform of choice. These people are irrelevant in the whole scheme of life, so learn now that their opinions will mean nothing the day after school ends.

The piece of advice that every new high schooler has heard is to get involved. You will regret it if you don’t. Colleges not only want to see an intelligent student, but a well-rounded one. So choose clubs or sports that interest you, take leadership positions, and do what makes you happy in the end.

Lastly, go to the sporting events, especially football games. Not only are you supporting your team, but you’re making memories of the Friday Night Lights you’ll never get back.

As with anything, high school will have highs and lows, but your experience is truly what you make of it. Therefore, be yourself, have fun, and remember that you only have four more years.

Your Senior Self,

Kayla DeLotte