Students head to the front office with their IDs to sign in.

Gwyneth Katker, Photographer

Seminole High School is about to launch a new student identification and tardy pass policy, creating a buzz among both students and staff. While most students are reluctant to accept these changes, these new policies will hopefully increase the security and efficiency of our campus. 

Whenever on campus, all students will be required to wear their student ID, each with a student picture and a scannable bar code. While the main purpose of the new ID program is centered around safety and security, as it makes identifying students fast and easy, the IDs will also provide additional benefits. These include ensuring students are identified for admission to school sporting events, movies, and other activities to receive the discounted student rates.   

“It [is] also safer having everyone use [ID cards] to [help] identify who truly are students here and who are not,” said SHS Administrative Manager Shelly Prom.

The exact start date for the new policy and process has not yet been determined, but it’s expected to be put into effect between Sept. 29 and Oct. 6.  It is still a work in progress, but administration is looking forward to its activation.

There are high expectations for this new policy; the hope is that it will make Seminole a safer place and managing tardy passes more efficient, as the student will simply scan their ID and a tardy pass is then immediately created.  This will allow both staff and students and will get students into class much more quickly.

“Instead of having to come in and fill out [a tardy] pass and have the secretary sign it, we will just be able to scan your ID,” said Prom. “It will [also] get people into class faster, so kids are in class more often.”

The Seminole Newspaper polled over 60 students to determine whether they thought the new system will tardy policy will be effective toward the well being of the school. Of students polled, 28 percent said that they thought it will be effective and helpful and 72 percent did not. 

Students don’t believe this system will be effective for several reasons. Some see no additional benefit when compared to the existing system, while others think that it will take up even more time. This is especially inefficient in the case of normally on-time students who just happen to be late, because teachers may feel pressured to send them to the office even if they would not have under the old system. 

“It also wastes time for the student to have to go and scan their ID just to get a pass,” said freshman Christina Tang. “If there are technical difficulties, it makes the situation even more complicated.” 

On the administration’s part, there has been a lot of time and work put into getting the new program up and running.  Machinery is being installed, processes are being defined and documented, and staff are being trained.  Much effort has been put into the project with the goal to create a safer and more efficient environment for all our Seminole High School students and staff.