Natalie Lambert, Content Manager

Students seeing “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Dr. Phillips Center.
Photo by:  Natalie Lambert, Content Manager

By: Natalie Lambert, Content Manager

The Dr. Phillips performing arts center has officially opened to the general public. Located in Downtown Orlando, the center is open for business and is already beginning to host events and shows. Created specifically to showcase multiple performing arts talents and provide a place for those interested in viewing live theater or music.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the Orlando area as well as high school students who are interested in theater,” says senior Alyssa Eatherly.

Designs of the center were formed around the idea of creating an open styled theater, with glass panels in the walls. Large seating arrangements were made with balcony style compartments inside. A large fountain that uses lighting and music was placed towards the front of center to incorporate a modern touch. This was all done to give the theater an enjoyable atmosphere for all going to watch shows there.

The center has begun to host multiple performers inside for audiences. Plays such as Phantom of the Opera, a largely popular musical, and The Book of Mormon, a more recent comedic musical, are scheduled to hold shows there in the future. Carmina Burana, a famous singer/performer, has also recently hosted a performance at the theater for avid fans to watch.

“I want to see Book of Mormon because my friend Emma talks about it a lot. [Live performances] bring a lot more passion than seeing it on film,” says sophomore Lara Olsen.

Many other shows will be scheduled to perform at the Dr. Phillips Center, such as Anything Goes, Beauty and the Beast, and Pippin. This does not include the numerous pop culture singers and dance shows that will also travel to the center to perform. Tickets will be sold on the website, allowing buyers to purchase seats and choose the show of their choice. Tickets will be sold on the website, up until a week before the shows.

“It brings more authenticity to the performances and gives us an experience that we wouldn’t normally obtain,” says senior Hector Gonzalez.

The center is expected to garner copious amounts of success with its opening, and will quickly rise in popularity among Orlando’s population. Check the Dr. Phillips website for further information on seeing a show and the performers who will be visiting in the upcoming months.