Kaliah Richardson, Reporter

What is dual enrollment? Dual Enrollment gives you the opportunity to take college level classes, earn credits for high-school, and earn credits towards an associates in arts degree, associate in science degree, or a career certificate through a community college near your school. The Dual Enrollment Program is governed by the Florida Statute, the Florida Department of Education. By applying for dual enrollment you gain access to college-level classes and textbooks while you’re in high-school. Seminole State offers two different paths for Dual Enrollment. 

The first path is the Academic Dual Enrollment Path. This path allows you to fulfill general Education courses toward an Associate in Arts degree. The A.A. degree is guaranteed to transfer to any Florida public institution and complete the General Education requirements of that institution. A cumulative, unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 is required for this program.

The other type of path is the Career Dual Enrollment Path. This particular path gives students the opportunity to fulfill credits towards an Associate in Science degree or career certificate that may lead into an A.S. degree in select programs such as Criminal Justice, Computers, Business, and Pharmacy Tech. Students may enroll in Career Dual Enrollment with a 2.5 cumulative, unweighted high school GPA. However, if the A.S. program requires General Education courses, students must have a 3.0 GPA to take those courses.

SHS sophomore Makayla Gillison explains, “I applied for Dual enrollment so I can take it next year. The path I’m taking is the Academic Class and I’m taking it for English so I’ll have all my English credits that I need and I won’t have to take English anymore for the rest of highschool.” 

The steps for applying into Dual enrollment aren’t complicated. There are only 9 steps, once you complete these steps and get accepted into the program you can begin earning college credits. Follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Complete the SSC Dual Enrollment Application. Save a PDF document.
  2. Submit  the completed application to your school counselor (email or in person).
  3. If you have qualifying SAT or ACT scores, please request an official score  report from College Board or ACT and select SSC as the receiving institution. If you do not have qualifying scores, you can register to take the PERT or Accuplacer with SSC at Assessment and Testing.
  4. Review the Course Equivalency List and the SSC Course Catalog to select courses.
  5. Complete SSC Dual Enrollment Registration Form; save as PDF
  6. Use the Dual Enrollment Course Approval and Textbook App in Clever to request approval for your courses and obtain your textbook voucher for SSC.
  7. After your courses are approved print two copies of the 868 textbook form generated from the Dual Enrollment App    
  8. Submit by email to dualenrollment@seminolestate.edu or in person at SSC – one copy of the 868 textbook form from the app and the saved Seminole State Registration Form
  9. Present the other printed copy of the 868 textbook form to SSC Barnes & Noble College Bookstore staff members along with your SSC schedule (located on the SSC campus) to receive your textbook(s). Make sure you state that you are a SCPS Dual Enrollment Student. Review the Getting Your Materials site for more information.

SHS sophomore Kaylee Miller shares her opinion on the process: “I think the Dual Enrollment is a great program because it helps students work towards their future while they’re in highschool and allows them to further prepare themselves for college.” 

The Dual Enrollment program is a program everyone should consider doing to give them more experience and ensure that they’re ready for college. The deadline is April 22nd! So start the process now if you are interested!