Modern television shows lack real meaning and value, only grabbing the attention of viewers by following celebrities (such as the Kardashians) around for entertainment.

Alexander Torres, Reporter

In the early 2000s, television channels such as the History Channel would have documentaries on historical events. Today, unfortunately, the channel has shows such as Pawn Stars and American Pickers, which defeat the purpose of the channel. Other popular shows are starting to become pointless because they’re not informative or purposeful.

The National Geographic Channel, the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel are three examples of programming that was once very informative but now lack purpose. The History Channel’s goal of “[exploring] history” is no longer represented by its shows. One of the most popular shows is Pawn Shop, in which four guys manage a pawnshop that takes in historical items. However, the items that are taken in are toys from the ’80s, unique electric guitars, and Western guns—and while the show does feature some historical information about the items, it’s not enough to learn and explore history.

The same goes for National Geographic Channel. This channel used to be an outlet for archaeological documentaries, but now many of its shows are on violence, drugs, and violations of laws. One of the top shows, Alaska State Troopers, is about criminals in Alaska, and how the troopers investigate the criminal cases. This show, along with many of National Geographic Channel’s other shows, is neither about history of the past nor any archaeological investigations.

The shows that lack purpose or information are not only in the educational channels, but also in entertainment channels. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a popular show, but the reviews suggest why this show may be lacking substance and purpose: according to IMDB, Keeping Up with the Kardashians has received a 2.8/10 review from over 11,000 reviewers. One of the reviewers on IMDB commented, “No matter how long you may look at Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it has no value in any category whatsoever—just another entry into the ‘fast food’ genre of reality programing—lots of calories, non-filling, and quickly forgetful.”

The only knowledge viewers get from reality TV shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians is what the “actors’” favorite ice-cream is, or at what time she needs to be at the doctor. It’s irrelevant information with no purpose.

Reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians only show celebrities’ lives, and so the only thing viewers gain from the show is how to act like a celebrity, and how to add drama to one’s life. This isn’t the role model for teenagers, or really anyone.

Sophomore Rose Kalassiba said, “I hate the fact that they’re famous for their li[ves]. I’ve seen clips [of the Kardashians]. It’s pointless. They probably write for the show. False lifestyle. Not good role models.” For some viewers, it’s the shows’ drama that keeps them watching routinely.

Freshman Joselyn Berrios said, “It’s the drama that keeps [the Kardashian show] interesting. [The Kardashian show] will last longer.”

These pointless shows need to be replaced with shows that are informative. Society cannot waste more of its time watching shows devoid of any meaning or long-term gain.