Jillian Kindy reviewed Ethos' vegan club sandwich.

Jillian Kindy, Co-Content Manager

Content Manager Jillian Kindy reviews Ethos, a popular all-vegan restaurant in Winter Park.

Near the sprawling campus of Rollins sits Ethos, an all-vegan, all-comfort restaurant. This place of dining is different from most vegan restaurants in that it offers food that doesn’t just sound healthy. They offer Sheep’s Pie, a take on the traditional shepherd’s pie, What’s the Dilly, Philly?, a popular Philly cheesesteak, calzones, and much more. Ethos even has a scrumptious brunch menu for all those who love the morning for its good food.

Ethos started in 2007 at its original location in Downtown Orlando with its creators, Kelly and Laina Shockley. The husband and wife duo wanted to bring more vegan food to meet the rising demand. Ethos then moved to its present location in Winter Park. Along with being vegan, the restaurant is also community centered and environmentally conscious. They serve many local products and even take part in donating percentages of proceeds to various charities.

“We chose the name Ethos because it implies the ethical and moral nature of our beliefs about operating a socially responsible and environmentally aware business,” said Ethos’s website.

The wait here depends on the time and the day of the week. Previously, I have arrived on a Saturday morning with barely a five minute wait, while on a Sunday morning, it can take upwards of 30 minutes to get a table. The good thing is that the waiting area is aesthetically pleasing, with contemporary art and comfortable couches lining the place.

The food itself is surprisingly similar to typical comfort food, rather than the healthy green vegetables that are normally associated with vegan fare. Personally, I would recommend their breakfast skillet–served only on the brunch menu–which combines the taste of savory “eggs” and potatoes with the roasted red peppers and broccoli cutting through. Another recommendation is their calzones. This deliciously buttery garlic dish is definitely one that can compete well with those involving dairy and meats. The “cheese” melts wonderfully into the dough, and there are so many options to put into this build-your-own.

Ethos’s meals are all comparable to their non-vegan equivalents. The restaurant utilizes seitan and tofu to make vegan meats that are quite enjoyable. While nothing is exact, their dishes have the same essence of the original meals that they are derived from. Some items even seem to have absolutely no difference in taste, such as their pancakes or cookies. Their ginormous snicker-doodles are one of my favorites, with its crispy sugary edges and soft center.

“Ethos is one of the best restaurants I’ve been to even though I’m not vegan,” said senior Selena Frederick. “They have a nice selection of pizzas, salads, and pastas. Everything is fresh and excellent tasting. The atmosphere of the place is really cool, I love to listen to the jazz while I eat. Also their ginger snap cookies are to die for!”

With their environmentally and ethically friendly meals, Ethos should be on the list of many to check out in the busy Downtown Winter Park streets. It can be found at 601 S New York Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789.