Expected Fashion Trends For Spring And Summer 2021


Gwyneth Katker

Compared to last years trends involving VSCO, people now look more towards Pinterest to look for fashionable trendy things like patchwork jeans.

Ava Flaute, Designer

As spring 2021 falls upon us, new fashion and lifestyle trends are beginning to evolve. As new influencers arise we are introduced to unique characteristics that they can bring to change up and positively impact the current trends.

Spring of 2020 when lockdown began we were presented with trends such as VSCO girls, whipped coffee, and Chloe Ting workouts. At the beginning of quarantine, we were trying to find ways to keep busy and these trends were ways we could do it safely. VSCO girls were a stereotype of big oversized t-shirts, Hydroflasks, and scrunchies. Whipped coffee was popularized on tik tok in the spring, and since then people have been obsessed, many thinking it was the best and most refreshing beverage. Chloe Ting’s workout programs and videos kept people busy when they were not allowed to leave their homes. These videos were able to keep people fit and safe at home without going to a gym. It brought people happiness and security knowing they could participate in these trends safely from their homes. Since spring 2020 trends have evolved and changed drastically. 

Health Academy Sophomore Izabella Aquino states “Trends from 2020 have come a long way, last summer we were wearing basic shirts and shorts, and this year I have been seeing a lot of baggy pants, layered outfits, jackets, and many types of accessories.” 

At the beginning of spring 2021, new trends such as halter tops, chunky rings, and patchwork were brought upon us and changed the already existing trends. These trends are predicted to continue to spread for a while and maybe even through the summer season. Most influencers are starting to wear halter tops to get into the spring and summer spirit. You can find halter tops at almost any store and boutique. They are displayed all over Pinterest as well as Instagram. Chunky rings are also a new fashion trend added this year that began in late fall and early spring. These rings are a way for many people to express themselves and their style. They are predicted to be around for a while throughout the summer season as well. Also, instead of buying these rings, there are multiple ways you can make your own at home so everyone can get the chance to participate. Patchwork is a very unique and distinctive style. Patchwork can now be seen on many different types of clothing and even some accessories such as handbags. Patchwork is a very fun pattern to play around with because not every design or every article of clothing is going to be the exact same, so it is a great unique addition to your wardrobe if you are looking for something fun that stands out.

Health Academy Senior Samantha Perez says “Another trend I have been loving is statement pieces, such as fun pants, tops, or bags. You can easily pair them with a simple outfit to bring the focus on the accessory.”

As far as expected 2021 late spring and summer trends, there have been some ideas thrown in the air. Maxi-length skirts and dresses, crochet, monochrome outfits, trench coats, and mix-matched prints and patterns are some ideas posed by different people on social media such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and Pinterest. Maxi-length skirts and dresses are starting to become more popular because it is great to bring spring and summer prints to your outfits. Crochet was an expected trend brought up by an influencer on Tik Tok, they believe it will take over the current baby tees we have and everything will start transforming into crochet/knit material. Monochrome has been a very popular trend since the beginning of 2021 and it is expected that more people will jump on the trend later this year. Trench coats were an expected trend by another influencer on Instagram, they believe these will be the new coats everyone will wear in winter instead of puffer jackets and it is a cute add-on to your outfit because you can wear them many different ways. Lastly, mix match patterns and prints is another highly expected summer 2021 trend, it is a way to bring a little fun to your outfit and look unique. Although these trends are not set you may shortly be seeing them all over your Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

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