Extra Curricular Activities Are Necessary For Students

Extra Curricular Activities Are Necessary For Students

Meg Washburn, Guest Writer

An extracurricular is defined as “an activity at a school or college pursued in addition to the normal course of study.” (Oxford Languages) These activities can range from sports to theater, to community service. Many students are involved in these activities due to the benefits of them.


Kellcey Bui, a 12th grader at Seminole High School, says “I am in Asian student association club. What we do is learn about different Asian countries and eat different foods from the cultures and just learn about the cultures in general.” She feels being in an extracurricular activity benefits her because “I get to meet other people that have similar cultures as me and I feel like it makes me more aware of other cultures.” From this interview, one can make the inference that clubs can bond a group and educate them as a whole to give them a better understanding of the outside world. Clubs such as the Asian student association  can bring a group together and show how important bonding is in an extracurricular activity. While one may have a group of friends in regular school, these extracurriculars add a special bond to students as they already have similar interests. 


There are a variety of reasons why these activities are necessary for students. Essential life skills such as goal setting and problem-solving are some real-world skills one may learn from being in an extracurricular. “The more you push yourself in extracurricular endeavors, the more you’ll develop these skills” (Crimson 2022) This quote can be supported, for example. if you like painting and join a painting club you will be more motivated to work , and build artistic tactics, and skills. In addition, extracurriculars look impressive on resumes which can be used for real-world jobs and the workforce in general. Lancer Army Schools shows the impacts some extracurriculars can have on students. One to point out is moral standards. Having moral standards is important because it shows who you are as a person and contributes to how you behave with others. Getting an education is important but being in one of these extracurriculars is an essential part of a child’s development as it “increases self-confidence, teaches people to be more social, and helps them develop their talents.”


Extracurricular activities are shown to be important to not just students but to a community as well as it brings people together and encourages positive behavior. Based on the interview of someone in one of these activities, one can conclude that the advantages and importance of these extracurriculars help students tremendously. To conclude, the benefits and positive additions to being involved in extracurriculars such as sports or clubs, prepares students for their future, current behavior, and leads off on a good mark for people looking into colleges. Having a club or sport on someone’s portfolio helps give a good start to colleges as it makes people more aware of what to look into and shows their interests to colleges. This can help students later on in life when they get a professional job and have that background knowledge of an activity.  Extracurricular activities can demonstrate how  one carries knowledge with them their entire life , which often proves to show that extracurriculars are extremely beneficial to students.