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The air outside is finally getting cooler and leaves have begun falling from the trees, which can only mean that here in Florida, it’s truly starting to feel like autumn. Halloween may be over and done with this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that fall is over (after all, we still have Thanksgiving!). There are still a variety of ways we can celebrate this exciting time of year, whether it’s at Seminole High School (SHS), at different places around central Florida, or anywhere else that you can bring your family and friends along to celebrate.


If you’re looking for inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some examples of popular traditions that will be sure to get you in the mood for autumn in November. 


Take a Trip to the Pumpkin Patch


There’s almost nothing more festive than taking a trip down to your local pumpkin patch. While pumpkin carving season may be over, certain places are open beyond October, where you can still come down and admire the rows of pumpkins and other goodies on display for purchase. Bring a couple of friends along and take a walk through the corn maze, or plan a photoshoot and snap pictures at all the different photo spots. Some pumpkin patches even have extra activities like petting zoos or tractor and hay rides that are perfect for guests of all ages. Whether you go with your family or with your friends, it’s guaranteed fun for everyone and a perfect way to take part in the joys of the season. 


Host a Friendsgiving 


Why limit Thanksgiving to only one day? A popular tradition among friend groups as of late is an event known as “friendsgiving,” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; a day where close friends get together and share a big Thanksgiving meal. Each friend contributes to the potluck feast by bringing an assigned dish, like an appetizer or dessert, so that a large variety of food is served to suit everyone’s tastes (much like a regular Thanksgiving). The host may usually plan other activities too, like party games or certain festivities. 

“Friendsgiving is very special to me because I get to really take the time to think about how grateful I am for the friends I have,” reflects SHS junior Jayden Jensen. “I get to celebrate everything they have done for me and [the fact that] they have helped me through so much. I feel that friendsgiving can be a really special option for people who don’t especially have the best family to celebrate with.” 

Make Autumn Treats


Pumpkin pie, cinnamon rolls, oatmeal cookies, caramel apples… just about anything can be a fall treat. Invite family and friends over to bake a batch of candy infused desserts, or decorate snacks to look like Thanksgiving turkeys or pumpkins.. Light some fall scented candles to add to the atmosphere, or put on a good seasonal movie while you create your treats. The best part? Getting to eat them all after!


Dress Cozy

Especially here in Florida, colder weather calls for a change in fashion (after all, most of us aren’t used to the chilly air when it’s under 70 degrees.) Cute flannels, cardigans, hoodies, long pants, beanies, and boots have all been seen during the recent cold fronts. Not only are they stylish, but they do well in keeping us warm and comfortable. 

My favorite thing to wear in fall is sweaters,” says SHS junior Kaitlyn Johnson. “During this time, the weather is nicer and I own a lot of sweaters, so [now] I can show them off without dying of heat.” 

Autumn is a wonderful time of year, especially when it comes to making lasting memories with the ones you love. Even in November, there are so many different ways to celebrate the season of pumpkin spice and red leaves, so go out and enjoy the fall colors while they last! 

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