Jessica Ty

The France-bound band members proclaim their school spirit with vibrant new T-shirts.

Kenedy Musante, Reporter

The new school year has brought a new band theme for the Pride of the Tribe: Cirque Du Soleil. The theme was inspired by the band’s invitation to perform with the Marching Chiefs of Florida State University in the 75th Annual D-Day parade, which will take place next June in Normandy, France. The band directors are ecstatic to share what they have in store for this year.

Cirque Du Soleil’s music is entertaining to all ears, attracting many new faces and cheer to SHS football games. Many students around campus are thrilled for the high-spirited theme. With the honor of performing in France, this year’s band theme will bring meaning and passion to the pep rallies and games. 

Junior Lily Hernandez, a French horn player, said, “The band theme this year is special because D-Day was a huge part in French and American history. Being able to perform music representing that country, and then being able to play for them as well, is very humbling.”

The three songs the band will play throughout the year include “Can-Can” by Jacques Offenbach and “Incantation” and “Distorted” by Cirque Du Soleil itself. During band camp over the summer and rehearsals during the school year, the Dazzlers and band learn the formations, music, and dances that they will be performing during the football season. 

Band camp is a particularly grueling tradition, as it goes on for five days in the summer from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. During long hours in the Florida sun, band members and Dazzlers build bonds with the music and with each other. 

The Seminole Dazzlers, who perform with the band, are particularly involved in embodying the new theme through their dance performances. 

“The week long camp ranges from moments of complete focus to being so exhausted and slap-happy that we don’t even know what’s going on,” said junior Moira Martinous, an officer on the SHS Varsity Dazzler team. “In the end, our team has gained so much technique, ability, and preparation for the new year. This bond and hard work gets us through our upcoming year!”

Flute player and senior Emily Morar looks towards the end of her band career with mixed excitement and sadness.

“Band has been a part of me for the last three years; it is just like a giant family,” said Morar. “The directors and other band students have taught me so much: not only about music, but about life lessons that I will carry with me forever. Having the opportunity to travel to France to perform during my senior year is the perfect way to end my journey in band.”

The Pride of the Tribe plans to bring all of the fanfare of Cirque Du Soleil to the field, and they cannot wait to bring spirit to SHS fans. Au revoir!