Jennifer Schmid

Many students have AP testing around this time of the year.

Jillian Kindy, Co-Content Manager

The dreaded AP testing season has arrived, forcing students to find new ways to ace exams. Most students are aware of the generic tips commonly given before any exam: for example, to get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast, and to avoid cramming. Here are a few important “study hacks” that you may not know about. 

Get a good AP exam review book. With a plethora of brands available on Amazon, such as Barron’s, Princeton, and Kaplan, choosing the best AP exam review book feel like an impossible decision. Cost, practice test availability, and level of detail are all factors that you should consider when selecting a book. Before buying a book, you should definitely check out the website, which publishes helpful yearly reviews of the best AP books available. provides insight as to which books are better for cramming, taking practice tests, or reviewing over longer periods of time. Therefore, it’s a must-read resource for anyone on the lookout for an AP exam.

If you’re still unsure which book is the best fit for you, it’s recommended to talk to teachers and students who have taken the exam in the past. They may be able to provide more relevant and up-to-date information about what it’s really like to take an exam.

“I use Barron’s for pretty much any AP exam I have. Their books are really concise and help to bring a whole year’s worth of material into something easy to study,” said senior Summer Noon.

Additionally, AP review books can be pricey, but that’s no reason to break the bank. AP books are also available in local libraries or can be purchased “used” from Amazon. Seminole High School’s Science National Honors Society also offers a yearly AP review book drive.

Get online. Countless online resources are available to all and require little to no money to access. Some good websites have been: AP U.S. History, AP science classes, AP European History, and AP Government and Politics. Students should also look into good Youtube channels geared towards AP exams. Study To Success and ACDC Economics are both popular resources among students

Eat! Eat! Eat! Even though this hack has been told for years and years, its importance has not diminished. Eating a good breakfast has been proven to help increase student’s cognitive performance, increasing their chance of getting an A.

“Eating before exams is really important because it gives you one less distraction during the test. That way it keeps you focused on what’s in front of you,” said senior Isabelle Lehr.

Build Up Weak Areas. If you’re a student who rocks the multiple choice section, don’t waste your time filling out Scantrons. Instead, build up your weaker areas first. By building up lacking areas, you can help to increase your score. A good way to see what you might get on an exam is to look up an exam calculator pertaining to your particular test, and then to plug in what you’ve been getting on practice exams to see what area you need to build up.

And last but not least, keep calm and breathe. Many students freak out when it comes to AP exams because they want to pass the exam and get college credit. However, test anxiety can actually lower scores. Remember to breathe and take it question by question. Take all these hacks, and you can do the impossible: you can survive AP season.