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The following article was published as a part of The Seminole’s 2013 April Fool’s issue! The information, quotations, statistics, and other content is completely fictitious and should not be considered a true representation of the school, the administration, or other governing entities.

It seems as though the ghosts of Seminole past have finally caught up with the present, for Seminole High School’s once notorious time capsule has become a topic of conversation and impending excavation.

In order to find the time capsule, administration will commence excavation at the beginning of April. Students are advised to take caution around campus, particularly in areas marked off with caution tape.

Buried in 1953, the “Alpha Capsule” as it once was called began as a senior project; it soon garnered the attention of both SHS staff and school board members. Students inundated the capsule with memoirs, articles of clothing, trinkets, and even non-perishable food items. The Alpha Capsule was intended to be opened after 50 years in 2003.

However, 2003 proved to be a hectic year due to the school’s construction and continuing renovations. Principal Mike Gaudreau and his fellow staff were so focused on improving the school that the time capsule remained underneath their feet while acquiring historical value. Retrieval of the Alpha Capsule was unfortunately overlooked amidst piles of gravel and towering new buildings.

Until now.

Ten years after the designated excavation, Gaudreau’s principal sensibilities have reminded him that somewhere on campus are the memories of 1953. He said, “For the past few years, I feel like I’ve been missing something. I had a feeling we were overlooking an integral part of Seminole High, but I never understood what it was.”

Gaudreau began feeling this missing link upon regarding the time capsule that is located in the Media Center. Senior Marcus Jordan said, “I always knew of the time capsule in the media center, but didn’t know there was another one under the school.”

Unfortunately, the class of 1953 neglected to indicate where exactly on campus they had buried the capsule. It could be anywhere at this very moment, waiting to be unearthed. Assistant Principal Mary Turner said, “We can’t wait any longer to let this time capsule sit underground. It’s a potential danger to the foundation of this school, wherever it may be located, and waiting longer will only be counterproductive.”

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  1. Christine Best on April 1st, 2013 11:57 AM

    Just a quick thought about the “1953” time capsule — In 1953, Seminole High School was located on French Ave., where Sanford Middle School is now. Matter of fact, in the location of the “present” SHS, it was all heavy woods & the School Board didn’t even own that land yet. Since this school was not even opened until 10 years later, I’m not sure how the Senior class of ’53 could have guessed that there would even be a school there one day in the future. So, if there is a 1953 time capsule, I would have to be located over at the campus of the present day “Sanford Middle School” on French Ave.

  2. Christine Best on April 1st, 2013 11:58 AM

    And, the above comment is only “in case” this is NOT an April’s Fool joke! LOL!