Mansoor Esfandieyar

Seminole Students are freaking out over their irrational fears.

Serra Sowers, Photographer and Writer

It’s Halloween and everyone is in the mood for a scare — or at least, a laugh from it.

Almost everyone has an irrational fear, or a phobia, which is an intense fear that has been developed due to a bad experience. Irrational fears are quite common in teenagers and adults, especially when it comes to fears surrounding anxiety. Our reaction to fear comes from our natural fight or flight instincts.

In the spirit of Halloween, we asked Noles to tell us about their strangest and freakiest fears. Our favorite responses have been curated below.

Tickling Was Tormenting

“When I was younger, my brothers used to come into my room and tickle me with feathers and now I’m really afraid of them.” – Sophomore Arianna Zhai

Frogs, Lizards, and Snakes Oh My!

“I hate frogs, lizards, and snakes. They just creep me out and I think they should all die.” – Freshman David Lucdor

It’s Like the Crease is a Crater

“I am really scared of bacne and cracked necks. When I was younger it just didn’t look normal. It’s like the crease is a crater and you don’t want to get lost in there.” – Sophomore Dominique Williams

Barney and Bad Experiences

“Barney came to my 1st birthday party. All I remember was him being there and I couldn’t stop crying. I’m still kinda weirded out by him today.” – Junior Raj Paul Sodhi

Is It Open or Closed?

“I don’t know why but I can’t handle it when a door is left ajar. It’s either open or closed, not ajar.” – Senior Sarah Cruz

I Don’t Like Horsing Around Anymore

“One time my family and I went to the circus and there were horses in the tent. The ringmaster selected me to ride the horse. It was going great until the horse bit my foot. I was emotionally scarred for a long time.” – Sophomore Douglas Ta

The Aliens Have Arrived

“I’m really afraid of balloons in my room. They remind me of floating alien heads and they are kinda creepy at night.” – Freshman Marina Kallin

Creamy But Definitely Not Dreamy

“I’m scared of eating peanut butter because I’m afraid that it will just permanently stick to the roof of my mouth.” – Senior Karthik Sreeram

Skyward Doesn’t Scare Me

“I know this is a nerdy thing to say, but it’s definitely scary to get a bad grade. It’s not seeing it in Skyward, but my parents’ faces when they see the score.” – Senior Shreya Patel

Blue and Bald

“When I was about 5 years old, I developed this weird fear of the Blue Man Group. Every time I saw them I would wince. I think it was their large white eyes and the fact that they bang on drums while staring at you is what creeped me out the most.” – Sophomore Sofia Donato