Seminole has talent and colleges know it: multiple athletic scholarships have been awarded to SHS students.

Andrew Miller, Staff Reporter

Recruiting in high school comes paired with a sense of excitement. It is typically the first time in young adults’ lives when they are sought after for one of their talents, which can be an unfamiliar but nonetheless rewarding experience.

Students all around the country are working hard day and night to have the opportunity to be given something that they earned on their own. Scholarships are on the line, which are the proverbial jackpot for athletes who are serious about receiving an education and bettering themselves.

An anonymous senior said, “There are tons of kids competing for a scholarship, so it just drives the level of competitiveness up. It’s basically the time for athletes to capitalize on something they’ve worked their whole life for”.

There is a huge variety of sports that are fair game for the recruitment of student athletes, and if talent in a particular sport is exhibited by a student, a college will find him or her.

Some of these prized athletes attend our school. Football players Jerlarius ‘EA’ Watkins and Ronnie Moore are both in the process of selecting a school to attend, and there are many more athletes walking Seminole’s campus from all different sports that are looking to be offered a scholarship.

Senior Connor Halden explained, “Recruiting is a big part of senior year. I’m currently in the process of deciding what college I’d like to go to. It takes longer than you’d think, so I’m going to take my time and find the best fit for me”.

For seniors, this year marks the last chance to show colleges and universities that they’re made of something. Senior football player Ra’Shaad Hampton opened up, “The stakes get higher senior year, because there are a lot of people playing for a limited number of scholarships”.

If anything, the year will provide much excitement until National Signing Day in February.