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Freshman Gabriel Toro is a freshman on the varsity soccer team that pursues his goals on and off the field.

Leyton Dudley, Reporter

From the moment freshman Gabriel Toro stepped onto the field, he knew that soccer would play an essential role in his life. His career began at the age of three in Brazil, and he continued pursuing his dreams when he moved to the United States two years later. Now, as one of two freshmen on the Seminole varsity soccer team, Toro is a starting striker for the ‘Noles.

In only the first month of his soccer career at SHS, Toro has already scored more than six goals and eight assists; he is expected to accomplish even more during the rest of the season. According to MaxPreps, Toro is ranked as one of the nation’s Top 30 Players for his age. Toro’s experience and dedication has proven to be extremely beneficial to the SHS varsity team, with a current record of 10-0.

One of his closest friends, freshman Kevin Aranda said, “As [Toro’s]  friend, I’ve always admired his dedication to the sport. He puts a lot time and effort into making himself a better player. Anybody watching him play can see that on the field, and I think it’s quite respectable.”

Outside of the school team, Toro has built up an impressive resume. He was selected to play on the USA Junior National Team in Spain in 2014. This past year he was sponsored by Adidas and received their merchandise, while also being recognized as Athlete of the Year.

In addition, Toro plays for the Orlando City Soccer Club, which specializes in improving a player’s physical and mental skills on the field. Toro plays on the highest level team, the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), which competes in prestigious competition levels inside and outside of the state.

Soccer has helped Gabriel balance the stress of school with an active, enjoyable sport. Over time, Toro has become more independent and has stopped basing his self worth off of the opinions of others.

“I’ve had this one goal: to get a full ride to college for soccer, and then, become a professional after that. I will work to my full ability to make that happen,” said Toro.

Motivation is not a problem for Toro as it derives from his self-confidence and awareness that he is capable of achieving the goals he has set. He chooses to rely on himself and his responsibilities.

He said, “If you believe in yourself, you don’t need anyone else to believe in you.”