Izma Shakil

The race for the finish line can be intense for female swimmers as the stakes get higher.

Suhaib Hasan, Reporter

Although Seminole High School competes in 15 different sports, only two are widely known across campus. In the midst of all the praise over football and basketball, many sports seem to be forgotten. Without recognition, teams and players suffer a loss in morale caused by an absence of student support.

The SHS volleyball team has weekly games until October, but not a single announcement has been made on the school news or intercom regarding their dates or locations. 

“We are already 9-0, yet there are still students who don’t even know what days we play. If it was the football team, students would have the entire schedule memorized,” said junior Zoe Routson, a Varsity volleyball player.

These sentiments are also shared by the varsity volleyball team. The players’ lack of recognition can affect their confidence. 

Varsity volleyball junior Olivia Nycz said, “The student sections aren’t fantastic, and it really lowers the morale of the players.”

The swim team is also amongst the seemingly forgotten sports at SHS. The team is comprised of nearly 70 students who compete individually and in relay swims. Out of the 70, an average of 40 swimmers moves on to further competitions in the sport. However, they receive little to no student support.

“The swim team does very well at conference, districts, regionals, and states, and the most recognition we get is a quick shout[out] on the morning announcements that no one pays attention to,” said junior Adam Young, a Varsity swimmer.

This situation is shared by both the boys’ and girls’ bowling teams. Recently, their hard work paid off when the boys’ bowling team won their last game against Lake Mary High School, placing second overall; this is a fact that almost all SHS students are unaware of, due to the unfortunate truth that only a handful of students attended the game.    

“It definitely does take practice to become as good as some of these other schools,” said Varsity bowling senior Kaitlyn Lackey.  

SHS’s golf team can empathize with the bowling team on terms of reputation and recognition, or the lack thereof. It is commonly joked about within the team that nobody knows that they exist. The sport itself is dictated by 34 separate rules with even more sub rules. Though it may seem complicated, it should not discourage the attendance to the games.

“Most people do not know the rules or etiquette associated with the game,” said senior golf player Ifaseeyen Oyewale.

The cheers of the audience keep the football players’ blood pumping, but many other teams can’t relate. There is little to no cheer in their stands, and they are stuck in the shadow of two other sports.

Izma Shakil
Senior Jason Warren gets ready for a smooth bowl at Oviedo Lanes.