Malory Beverly

Seminole students are anticipating the arrival of new Google technology like Google Glass.

Camila Mota, Copy Editor

Google has become a household name to millions around the globe since its founding in 1998, due to its products that are convenient, yet sometimes quite intimidating. With the company’s elaborate ideas, Google takes those “ingredients” and focuses on creating new products for the demanding population of tech lovers.

Google’s newest creation is the anticipated Google Glass, a device that allows the user to share exactly what they see. Google Glass can do simple tasks, such as taking a picture or a video on command.  It can also do complex jobs, such as detecting a person’s location if they are lost, or translate spoken words to a different language. With this new design people can stay closer to friends and family with built in web cams that allow others to see people and events live.

Google Glass has reached the public eye not only for its positive and inventive features, but also for the rather concerning features. Google Glass can send messages on command and answer your questions, even if the questions were not asked. The public has response has been both excited and apprehensive.

Many individuals believe that people should be more conscious of the things the device is capable of. An anonymous sophomore said, “It’s a very concerning topic that should be discussed in order to protect our rights.”

A great amount of people have been questioning the general safety of Google Glass. According to the, a large amount of consumers believe these so called harmless and miniature devices will develop into an intrusion in their lives.

Freshman Jonathan Hefley said, “I don’t believe changing the policies will make a difference. I can also do things discreetly with my iPhone.”

Google has additionally created an updated version of the web mapping application Google Maps; this modified app contains high quality and detailed maps that all lead up to the user. Google Maps’ goal is to create a personalized device that allows the user to click on points of interest, and presents the user with roads in relation to the points.

The restructured Maps includes many different options that give important information to people driving, walking, biking, or even using public transit. Additionally, Google Maps has partnered with Google Earth to create a new 3D perspective of places all over the globe.

However, India’s government has come into conflicts with Google Maps for the second time. According to the, the survey of India has accused Google of violating India’s map policies.

Google’s mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Regardless of the company’s wishes or goals, there are still many people who believe these new advancements in technology will not be for the best. For now, Google continues to release more information on these devices that have yet to gain full trust.