Paige Fry

With so many options and sitting places, the food court is a hot spot for senior lunches.

Christina Vincenti, Staff Reporter

As seniors, students receive privileges during their last year at Seminole. One of them is Senior Lunch. This is where senior students may leave campus for both first and second lunch, with a signed pass from their fifth period teacher of first semester if they have a new teacher second semester.

If seniors don’t have a passing grade in their fifth period class, their teacher will not sign their pass to attend Senior Lunch. Not being able to go out with friends and having to stay in class as a senior isn’t much fun.

Senior Alizé Barron said, “Sometimes me and my friends go to the mall. We don’t like to go to restaurants because we have to wait and there’s a limited time on how long our lunch is,

Senior lunch can be hectic to plan. Students need to take into consideration how many people are in their group, who’s driving, how many cars will there be, and where they’re going. Is the place they want to go going to take a while to prepare their food then they will have to eat and enjoy their time? Is there enough room for everyone if only one person is driving? There won’t be stress if the day is planned right.

Senior Eli Vasquez said, “Honestly I don’t know where I would go, probably to wing house.” If a senior is missing credits or is in the process of gaining credits back through McCants program, they would have to see an administrator of whether or not they’ll be allowed to attend senior lunch.

There are quick places to have lunch that are close to Seminole, giving students enough to time to enjoy themselves and have a meal too. Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Burger King are near the school, hardly a five minute drive for some pretty good food. IHOP, Denny’s as well as three Chinese restaurants (Yabi Sushi, Ichigo Ichigo and Chinese Wok III) are on 17-92 are delicious and quick. The mall is near as well; with the food court it has more of a variety for that group of students that all have a taste for something different. Just off of Rinehart in the Target Plaza, there’s a Starbucks inside Target, and Chipotle Mexican Grill in the plaza.

An anonymous senior said, “I like having senior lunch. I went to the mall because of the variety in the food court.”

Planning out the perfect place to have Senior Lunch takes thinking, and coordinating with friends. It’s a nice reward for seniors, considering it’s their last year and the responsibility they needed to maintain in order to earn any senior activities. The privilege is one to enjoy, seeing as the school policy doesn’t let anyone leave campus for lunch on a normal day.